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RPC Census, Part VII (Age--CLOSED)

What age bracket does your character fall under?  

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  1. 1. What age bracket does your character fall under?

    • 12 or lower
    • 13-17
    • 18-22
    • 23-27
    • 28-32
    • 33-40
    • 41-50
    • 51-60
    • 61+

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Part VII of the census focuses on a very basic census question: age.


What age bracket does your character fall under at the start of ARR? This is also a great chance to formally announce whether your character was in the ARR time skip or not, as we can further add those stats to this poll.


For the sake of a controlled poll, remember that the time skippers were stuck in a place where the characters were unscathed by time (according to SE). That means if your character was 20 years old right before Dalamud, they'd still be 20 when they come out of the time skip (at least for this particular poll).


Age brackets are as follows:


12 or lower









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Technically 32 when she time-skipped but she'll note she's missed her nameday, so she's just going to tack on a year to try and make it all a little less confusing.

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Both Isaac and Ailith are 27 at the start of ARR. Neither took the time skip. Ailith is still out to sea and Isaac is out and about in Eorzea. I've been reallllly busy lately so I haven't really gotten to flesh out what either of them have been doing for the last five years, but I'll get to it before ARR is released.

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38. I haven't decided on whether or not she's taken the time skip, though. Leaning toward yes. It really depends on how Arcanist lore is filtered through. I can't very well have her be primarily an Arcanist if Arcanists didn't exist at all until during those five years.

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Kerr will be 25 at the start of ARR. I almost wish he had time warped, though, because adding five years of stuff to the wiki is a pain. (As a funny aside, both of Kerr's brothers also fit into his age bracket. So even if I play on an alt, this is still true. XDD )

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Rhio was 29 at the last battle and did indeed skip through time, so she'll still be 29 after the relaunch. Rather than trying to make things line up, I'm just going to go ahead and say that her next nameday will be the one wherein she actually ticks over to 30.


By complete coincidence, during 1.0 I was nearly the exact same age as Rhio, since her nameday is just about a month after mine.

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