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Hi, EU newbie here. Well, at least in regards to FFXIV.


I've been on the game for almost a month now and I've started getting a good feel for it and am relatively comfortable enough to start looking towards RP.


I am no stranger to Roleplay though, having come from games like WoW, RIFT, GW2 and BDO. I think my experience with RP comes to around 6 or 7 years now.


But as with every change in scene, I'm struggling to find my way into RP here. That probably being a mix of anxiety and the fact I'm still trying to get a stronger grasp on the lore. And let's be honest, nobody likes breaking the ice in a place full of strangers.


Other than that, my friends list is empty. Here's hoping I can fill it up sometime soon.


(Also if there are any EU specific FCs looking at this I'd be super happy to have a chat with you in order to figure out who's who and make some connections.)

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Hey there, and welcome aboard to the RPC and to FFXIV! :thumbsup:


Feel free to toss up a post on Making Connections to start hunting down people to add to your friends list. It helps to have some idea of what type of connections you'd like too, or what kind of niches would be of most interest (like vigilante, mercenaries, traders, even criminals). Make sure you mention you're EU too. Best of luck on the hunt!

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