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[EU] Engineering Miqo'te seeking contact.

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So I'm a guy from Sweden that is seeking to begin his RP adventure throughout FFXIV for the very first time. While I do not really have much knowledge of the lore this far I do have past RP experiences in WoW so I'm no stranger to the whole RP in a game thing.


Being from Sweden that means my timezone is GMT+2/CEST, my usual play times are around 16:00 - 23:00, weekends and such being a bit longer as usual for most people.


My RP style leans more towards the serious/darker side, but I don't have issues to goof it up just to lighten the mood from time to time.


I don't have much written down for my character as of yet but I have some basics and goals set down.

The character in question is named Kobo'a Washta, he was an Orphan since he was young and currently works as an Engineer. He his Chaotic Good and have combat capabilities with firearms.


So if you wish to get in contact with me to help me get my RP started just PM me/post a reply below or try to get in contact with me in-game, my OOC name is as of now "Snulfur Bergspetsen".


Have a nice day. *Bow*

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Svensken kommer, svensken kommer! xD Nawh just kidding. 

It sounds like you're off to a solid start. Feel free to hit me up for RP if you see me about - I am from Denmark myself so our timezone is the same. 


Also feel free to check out the EU directory, it can give you some help with finding guilds and linkshells :)

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Not an engineer, but I'd definitely be up for meeting the character and trying to form some bonds! Also in the EU timezone here (GMT+2? I can never remember) so it'd be great to have more contacts on this hemisphere!


Will try to catch you in-game.

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