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Stormblood "Current Events" (spoilers)

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So this is my first time experiencing a new expansion in FF14 as far as a game where I've actually been able to RP in. My question is sort've.. What do we "acknowledge" and "not acknowledge" as far as when SB gets here? I mean for example... I imagine for HW's area before we truly killed Nidhogg.... We were basically in a "current state of conflict with dragon kind" around Ishgard anyways. Then after the dragonsong war ended, well... yeah, the dragonsong war ended lol.


For SB I imagine it's something along the lines of "Ala Mhigo/Gyr Bania is at war with Garlemald" or something to that degree. I ask also because in HW, we had three new jobs introduced that kind've were just already in existance thank to them being in Ishgard specifically. So Machinist, Dark Knight, Astorlogan, if anyone RP'd any of these, they technically already were a thing for a bit it seemed like... Or were they just canon the moment Ishgard had gotten big on the whole fiasco with Midsgormr?



I guess what I'm asking is what will the main idea be for what's currently happening during stormblood. Will red mages have "been a thing" that anyone could have been in the past 10 years, how about Samurai? Will doma/othard/etc always have been available for us to have gone to in the past or would it have been considered too dangerous to visit due to some instances of the past? What will SB allow to keep as "suddenly canon" as well as "already was canon"? I have thoughts like I'm sure red mages existed for a time already but the crystal medium they have seems so specific, would it just become a thing as of recent events or would it have already been a thing just no one truly emphasized on it. I'm sure some of this can't be answered until stormblood actually comes out but I was wondering your thoughts on what we can be affiliated with once SB hits. In general I know most stray from anything related to WoL, so that's not my concern at all, but more-so how do we recognize the events that will proceed/happen.

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Much of the Ishgard community - although not its entirety, which is completely fine and I don't believe there were any major problems - roleplayed throughout 3.0 as taking place before all of the major developments and revelations made in the second half of the expansion's main story.  For Stormblood, I'm expecting most people to act as if the war is beginning (and accept any developments required to go to Kugane, which I'm convinced is going to be a major RP hub) but ignore most of the inevitable conclusions of the storyline until the next patch.


I'm pessimistic about red mage being an "accessible" profession as far as jobs do, seeing that both white magic and black magic are made basically impossible to RP in the public eye. That said, my attitude would be that it always has been a distinct school of magic that the right kind of person could discover and use, but it's been so hidden that only a certain cabal or secret society has played it.  That doesn't stop anyone from playing a character that's used red magic this whole time, but I'd imagine it'd require some additional backstory linking them with said organization.

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I see you being super excited for Red Mage. But I'd honestly just wait a few more weeks and wait and see. Banking on it being a legit, widely accepted and widely taught job, given the lore surrounding black and white magic? It seems unlikely.

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For HW jobs, all three jobs have very different states of affair:


1) Astrologian is a rather rare and hard job to justify in terms of roleplay unless you specifically are Sharlayan and so, been teached the ways of Astrology. It is also possible to have been teached the basics of astrology as a foreign student in the Sharlayan Studium, and while those are barred specific areas of knowledge that can be used offensively or to make war, the case of Jannequinard is proof enough that while that guy was lazy as hell to actually learn anything, he was teached the basics of the art. Astrology being a very potent magical art, is especially put under great scrutiny from the Bibliothecs that don't hesitate nowadays to send accomplished assassination teams to deal with the few sharlayans that try to spread that knowledge outside the borders of the archipelago. All in all, playing a sharlayan is enough in itself to play an astrologian (which is still an art that remains considered rather... eccentric by sharlayans themselves, but respected for its potency by those that know). Playing a foreign student also gives a good justification. It gets harder, but of course not impossible at all, to be teached those ways outside of Sharlayan by the handful of sharlayans that tried to spread the art, especially before the rise of the Bibliothecs in the recent years. We have to keep in mind though, that the ishgardian astrology, which was simply contempt watching the stars to look for dragon invasions, has very little to do with it, and so Astrology in itself, the sharlayan art, was brought to Ishgard by Leveva's family, but never taken seriously by ishgardians themselves, until... just now.


2) Dark Knight: is a very ishgardian specific job of a bunch of people playing batman to fight the wrongs made all around in the city. As long as your character has lived at least a little in Ishgard, either as a native (Fray), or a refugee (Sidurgu), you can be a dark knight, and those have been there for centuries before, and it took them centuries to discover the Dark Arts they use now in complement to their two handed sword skills.


3) Machinist is a very recent job that doesn't even have a few years to account for. While house Haillenarte and Stephaniven basically invented the art and opened the SkySteel Manufactory, and try to teach the ways of the machinist to anyone that wants - to the point of begging - we have to keep in mind that since that job is very new to Eorzea, machinists are not yet legion and you would probabluy be hard pressed to find true masters of it since... the few that are good at it barely have a year or two of practice. However, marksmanship in itself, or engineering, are no new arts. The only new thing here is the use of the aetherotransformer and turrets. All in all though, the only way to be a machinist right now is probably to go get teached at the Skysteel in Ishgard, unless maybe you find by a huge coincidence a wandering machinist.


So, depending on the HW job, your mileage may vary. All but machinist have been around for eons. Dark Knights continue to play batman, machinists are just starting to spread happily, and astrologians likewise in Ishgard, outside of Sharlayan. So, except dark knight, the two other new jobs are just starting to be a thing in Ishgard.



Now then, for Stormblood jobs... The lore blurbs seem to indicate that Red Mage is not a new art since it was formed by survivors from Amdapor and Mhach... So not exactly new. Samurai... is harder to tell, but it does seem to be something deeply ingrained in the culture of Othard, or at least Kugane. Hard to tell for both though, how they are regarded legally, and in terms of taboos, but they have been there for long I bet.

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SE's done a piss-poor job introducing things to their setting in Heavensward; The lore will be what the lore is, logic or precedent be damned. Set your bars low, be pleasantly surprised, and be ready to exist in grey areas if SE doesn't explain anything.


Red Mage's lore is something that bugs the shit out of me.

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Will red mages have "been a thing" that anyone could have been in the past 10 years, how about Samurai? Will doma/othard/etc always have been available for us to have gone to in the past or would it have been considered too dangerous to visit due to some instances of the past?


A lot of this is "Please look forward to it" material, but the one passage we do have about Red Mage is that the art was created at the beginning of the Sixth Astral Era 1500 years ago. So, it's "been a thing" but we won't know until the actual questline if the art was lost some 1000 years ago during the mass four hundred year purge of magi in Eorzea or if they were killed off by the warring Gyr Abanian tribes, or if they've persisted in some highly remote village in the depths of Abalathia's Spine and now for whatever reason have been discovered.


As for Samurai, we know they've been a thing in Doma and Hingashi for some time. There's a note about the samurai fighting against the original Garlean invasion.


Sacrificing oneself for one's duty... Such actions remind me of the warriors of Doma - of the samurai and shinobi who died for our cause.


Theoretically, you could've always gone to Doma/Hingashi, at least in the last 50 years, when trade with the Far East and Eorzea really started picking up. Even when under Imperial occupation Eorzeans still traded with those nations until the Eorzean Alliance officially declared war against the Empire in 1572. There's still some trade-by-proxy, but not as much as there once was.

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