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RPC Census, Part VIII (Employment--CLOSED)

Is your main character employed or unemployed?  

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  1. 1. Is your main character employed or unemployed?

    • Employed
    • Unemployed

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This is a rather simple one, though it may be tricky figuring out which one to pick for some people. Employed or unemployed are the only available options.


Employment in this sense equates to the character actually having an IC job. This means they work for a SPECIFIC individual or organization of some sort, and are compensated regularly as such. If your character makes their living via theft, random adventures, random guildleves, etc, then they are most likely considered "unemployed" since those tend to be 100% freelance "temp jobs" that are unreliable and in constant flux. Thus, freelance mercenary work is considered "unemployed" unless you work for a specific mercenary organization (like the Immortal Flames, or a specific mercenary linkshell) or unless you have another steady job on the side.


If your character was in the time warp, please use your own judgment to answer the question. If you're almost certain the character will return to their former job in some capacity after returning from the annals of space and time, then feel free to select "employed."


To further add to the statistics, please post below what kind of IC job your character actually has. It may be possible to create further statistics from such data~

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Kylin, despite having the majority of his wealth handed to him by being born into wealth, does have a job. He works for his father and helps oversee some of the affairs within House Felstar. More specifically, he's considered the head overseer of Avalon, the branch of the house that handles all excavations and the Avalon Heritage Museum. So he basically is the head honcho for excavations the Avalon team works on, as well as the final say on what goes in the museum and where it goes ("final say" so long as his father doesn't say otherwise that is).



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Rhio is an odd case because she's almost always employed, just never for very long. She switches employers regularly, and prior to the time skip it worked out just fine because she had more than enough independent money to render extra income a bonus rather than a necessity. The only time she was completely unemployed was during her brief period of imprisonment.


In 1.0 she worked as a scholar, a teacher, a militia trainee, a soldier, a lawyer, a publicist, a diplomat, a scout, and a spy. After the time skip, I know she'll be working in some capacity, although I'm not sure what capacity that will be just yet. It will not, however, simply be freelance mercenary work. That's just a hobby.

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You caught Abodo Po at a bad time. Despite being a dedicated and well-paid scientist for six years, lately he's been .... well, he's been a homeless vagabond.


Unemployed :(



Uther Skystrider, a character I'm going to test out before I Jump (its funny because he's a dragoon) into, is .......... also unemployed. (assuming he's up my alley and I want to RP him at launch)


I need to stop making dirty hobos.

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At the start of ARR, Rhostel has steady work running errands from Mealvaan's Gate, making her an employee (but not a member) of the Arcanists' Guild. Since she travels hither and yon searching for missing or plundered shipments, chasing up overdue payments and other far-ranging tasks, she supplements her income with local leves wherever she ends up. It works out to enough to get by, the main benefit being to travel a lot.


Nahctgeim is an employer. Guess that counts as self-employed. She certainly works hard.

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I'm thinking Caysen will be a clock maker. A decent one too, when he can be bothered to actually work. He'd much rather be traveling, but in order to keep some sort of livable income he puts that skill to work doing repairs when needed. He can also do compasses - they're fairly similar. That would be considered his "main" job, but certainly not the one he enjoys me most. He prefers to pick up work as a fisherman, navigator, or sometimes even a cartographer. So I guess you could say he's employed, but prefers to live as if he's unemployed.


I'm also working on an alt who I'm planning as an ex-cooper (barrel maker) turned freelance mercenary, so technically unemployed.


If anyone's interested, this site has a good list of professions typical for an old world/fantasy setting:


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Bounty Hunter/Monster Hunter for cities towns and villages and whomever else can pay, since the Bahamut event (and him regaining some of his memory) there are always clients as places had to rebuild and needed protection. Prior to the event he was a skip tracer (bounty hunter) for hire along with his Miqo'te girlfriend/fiancée.

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Quarimar is employed by the Sacrarium mostly to catalog changes since the begging of ARR. The income is low, so he usually supplements it with work from the mineral concern recording caves, veins and nodes on commission while out and about on behalf of the Sacrarium.

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Ronberku is unemployed. He makes a living through either selling his crafted weapons (and occasional armors) or through random jobs and accepting quests. Ron is not the type to seek a fixed employement. He cares too much for his own personal freedom to be tied to an organisation.

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Uruvion is employed as an officer for the Knights of the Barracuda in Limsa Lominsa. When not doing his official duties at sea, he supplements his income in less 'official' ways, often taking a ship out to sea to hunt pirates off the books and steal whatever they've stolen, or when he hears about a battle that is ensuing at sea between two ships or a ship is being attacked by Sahagins he always make sure to show up late and salvages whatever is left in the wreckage.


He always makes sure to take the same people with him. A small band of trusted adventurers whose silence in the matters taken place has been paid for. When the dock officials confront him about where they've been, or where they're going, Uruvion could almost always talk his way around what was really happening, telling the dock officials that he was going on a routine patrol, or an extra order from his commanding officer. When that didn't work, he found, bribes always did.

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I checked 'employed' for this one.


Eva is a seamstress, and I assume she will probably find work with the weaver's guild fairly quickly upon returning from the time rift thingy, since it was one of the only real talents she possessed.

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