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new to hrpc, moving to mateus!

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Hey all, as the description might suggest i'm new to the community and planning to start my ffxiv roleplaying career on Mateus. Forgive punctuation please, im on ps4 and my keypad doesnt seem to agree with me today. // so im not sure if i need to start a separate post for this, but the reason i decided to look into the community before moving is i plan to pay for lv60/msq combo and id rather not waste it if i could be jumping right into a group! i dont remember if my discord was loaded into signature yet, so feel free to bug me at //  kinggghades#6310  //  im going to start a post in a more appropriate thread now and hopefully figure out why my ps4 wont 'enter' down to the next line >.>

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Hey there!
Welcome to the RPC, the greatest corner of Hydaelyn roleplay! Also welcome to the Mateus server, the young sister server to Balmung. ;)

If you have any questions, you'll find some great resources here on the Hydaelyn Forums and some friendly faces as well. I do wish you best of luck and, you know, getting that controller problem fixed. ^^ Hope to see you around!

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Hiya there!


Unless you need to access an area that's outside the first game's content (3.0 or 4.0 maps), I'd suggest playing through the game at least once for story/lore. A lot of RP in my experience takes place in common maps and in housing areas, which you don't need to be lv50+/progressed in the story to access. Likewise, people aren't going to shun you for being new or having a low level character. (Especially if you're actively leveling up!)


As a side note, if you've got any questions about the RPC Site/Wiki, feel free to hit me up! We recently did a large site upgrade and some of the features are still being tweaked around. Some older threads will probably contain links over to the previous site, fully accessible on https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/mybb/ and some of the large posts may have some nicer formatting over there that our conversion got stuck on. (Noteably, the Lore Index).

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Welcome to RPC and Mateus!   both great communities to have a blast in.   I'll echo Unnamed Mercenary, play through the story line at least once.   The 2.0 story can drag on at points, but by 3.0 it is in full swing.  It's just not the same going to the inn to view cut-scenes.

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