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Blue Skies Event: In-Game Beta Weekend Meet N' Greet (temp Gilgamesh, perma Balmung)

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Hey everyone! Blue Skies is hoping to get some interactions going with characters old and new, alike, so we thought it'd be fun to have a bit of an IC meet and greet during this weekend's beta run. Since they've announced that new players can't make characters on Balmung for this weekend, we want to host the event on Gilgamesh to get the best possible turn out. Here's the break down:


  • Who: Hosted by Blue Skies for all beta rpers!
  • What: Meet and greet of sorts. Think of it as a "Hey! We've got free drinks, come hang out! Maybe we'll go exploring!"
  • Where: Gilgamesh Server, starting in Costa del Sol, La Noscea
  • When: Saturday! Official time? We'll go for 5 EST and onward, though I will likely be hanging around earlier in the day. I'm rabid for some RP!
  • Why: Fun! Friends! Character practice!


I understand a few groups aren't wanting to start rp yet and that's fine, we certainly won't hold it against you, but we'd like to meet as many of our new members and catch up with as many old ones as possible, so we hope to see you there!


(As a note, you have to be level 15 and done up to that level in story quests (aka gained airship access) to get to costa del sol if you don't start in Limsa. If people can't get to 15 by the time of the event, I suggest making an second iteration of your character as a marauder so you start in Limsa : ).)

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Depending how my Saturday works, I will try to blow in. Though it does say "character practice" I do hope that there isn't going to be some sort of canon aspect to this because I'm still working out the nitty gritty. If I remember, I'd try to get a non-JJ character there though that's actually JJ's starting location this round of beta. :lol:

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Hey, I know y'all said this is a "meet and greet and practice character thing" but for clarification, I can say that whatever I end up doing is non-cannon cause I'm trying to fine-tune/figure my character out, right? I'm nervous about not hitting where I want a particular character of mine to be and have that be the "norm". 


Example: I've been toying around with various accents/amount of accentation in the small 1-on-1 rp I've done. I came to an agreement that a couple things (speech, some minor aspects, etc) were not final and embedded into "lore" when the game goes live. I'm happy with that because from RP event 1 to RP event "X", I've tweeked a fair bit to the point that discrepancies would arise if the previous encounters were taken to heart word-for-word. 


TL;DR = Is this even pretty much non-cannon?

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