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mateus Join Outer Heaven! Yea! Please.

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Outer Heaven is recruiting!

Yea? But who are these guys?


Hello, In character I'd be Sebastian Siegesmund, proud owner of the Outer Heaven a little bar in the Mists with a fine collection of misfits and rascals. Our FC wants to focus on RP around that place, no you will not have to wait tables and hope for tips. The RP will focus around the daily struggles of its owner, the patrons and whatever else we can come up with. Tell smaller, personal stories that are more focused on developing character or enriching the world. Happy stories, sad stories, important ones or just utter nonsense. We encourage all our members to come up with their own stories instead of waiting for the Admin to DM some. Join us today for comfortable or uncomfortable shenanigans, have a drink and talk about how much you hated your last job or.. something else. You make your own fun here, we just provide the playground.


Contact: heelish#8069 on Discord




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2 minutes ago, Lena Ouran said:


Your discord name ain't working.

Because I am an Idiot and mistyped it. should work now.

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This sounds like an awesome idea! Would you be open to letting random outsiders hang about the place (if we are only on Free Trial accounts)?

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