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Character music


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I know I"m not the only one who uses music to get into character, and looks for songs that I like that "feel" like the character to me. I'm curious about what yours are.


For Dogberry, his song would be "Blood and Thunder" by Mastodon.




I still can't think of anything for Reinbach. She's a tricky one.

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I don't like people using "theme songs" for their character, but I use music when getting into character as well. I also use it for writing (my friend and I are writing a comic book saga with a lot of medieval elements), reading, and drawing. I have quite a few songs, most from soundtracks, that I use when thinking about my character.


I like to think of different mood music for my character as well. I'm a big fan of multi-dimensional characters. Sometimes you have to get serious and defend the people, sometimes you just want to hang out in the market.


Since I have a lot of mood music, here are quite a few, though not nearly all, of my preferred songs:


Walking around Gridania and interacting with locals, or taking a sunday chocobo ride through the Shroud:


Epic aerial Dragoon combat:


Thinking about Ishgard:



Visiting Ul'dah:


Nighttime after an adventure:



If I had to pick a theme song:



Or this:



I know the last one is a bit cliche, but he's a dragon hunter from the mountains with highlander ancestry... give me a break.


Sorry there's so many. No one song should be able to describe a character, in my opinion.

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I struggle with the theme song business. There's always songs that may remind me of a situation or a scene or a feeling, but not like "THIS IS MEH THEME."


If I were to chose for Aysun, I like this one.


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Great selection Uther - nice to see Kingdom of Heaven on there (Ibelin for Ul'dah seems to fit nicely


I tend to listen to the game music more often than not, or just a random playlist I've compiled that is for any gaming I do, leaving me to actually like having theme songs for RP characters. Not saying that one song can do a character justice 100% of the time, but in certain situations definitely.


My main - Lizzo Trange (Garlean refugee noble Hyur, Thaumaturge)


Main Alt - Sigyn Bloebloud (Sea Wolf Roegadyn, Conjurer)


(EDIT): Found more songs for my other alts - 


Crowe Bloebloud (Sea Wolf Roegadyn, Pugilist)


Zali'ah (Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te, Arcanist)



H'uang Fan (Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te, Pugilist)

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Great selection Uther - nice to see Kingdom of Heaven on there (Ibelin for Ul'dah seems to fit nicely



Thanks! And nice use of Grizzly Hills! I have that one on my iPod! :thumbsup:

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Cima Fhae

Everybody wants to be a cat,

because a cat's the only cat

who knows where it's at.


Between your choice of music, and your Leon signature, I think I just developed a small crush on you.

:D Thank-you kind sir, hopefully you'll dig Fhae too then!

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Love listening to everyone's music.



If Aldeus had a theme song, it would be something like this...





So glad you put this in. One of my favorites.

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spent a good portion of the last 2 hours trying to think of something that could possibly fit N'yumho, her design itself is filled with complexity in her own wavering sense of self.  So after all that time I was beginning to lose hope, till I stumbled on this.





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Hmmm there are a few songs I use when role playing during certain moods. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to emb them I posted the emb link but it wouldn't work x.x


This one is usually one I use during deep conversations. 



I also like this one for roleplay fights 


this one for long travels 



And this one for sad moments

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