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Your character, then and now.

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I guess this only applies to 1.0 people (sorry!)

But post a picture of your 1.0 character (in beta after importing Balmung data)

And then one of your 2.0 character!


Then everyone can see the differences! :D


1.0 Gerik



2.0 Gerik



I guess for me, everything is the same though lol!

Except hair color maybe. Actually 1.0 Gerik looks a bit darker... but maybe that's the lighting.

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Yeah, I think it's just the lighting. But if they are different colors the difference is too negligible to really tell. Really attractive either way. :angel:


I wish I had a 1.0 character to show off, but when Phase 4 rolls around I'll have someone awesome to show for it. :moogle:

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Really not all that much difference here.  The tattoo is getting a minor make-over (with IC reasons):


1.0 Eva:




2.0 Eva




Perhaps if more long hairstyles are added something might change a little bit more, but she's content to stay mostly the same.  :thumbsup:

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My male Highlander might very well end up becoming a female Roegadyn, which might be a little hard to explain to his IC parents.


I thought I'd gotten over my attachment to him, though, but after futzing around with him a bit this last beta period, I'm thinking I'll still keep him around. Granted, I'm going to dramatically alter his appearance, but at least he'll still keep his race/gender in tact (...maybe).


Forgot to take screenshots of him this time around, though, so I'll get around to it next beta phase.

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Might as well post, although I'll still be making some changes to 2.0 Ship before release. Courting the idea of a dunesfolk possibly, dunno. If anything I need to fix 2.0 Ship's hair color to be a more proper white rather than the gray I tried out initially. But yeah.








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What happened to Gerik letting his hair grow? :\


Unfortunately, I didn't grab screens of my 1.0 characters. The difference between Nahct and the character I'm converting from 1.0 to make her is staggering.


No nice hairs that I want really, and I'm not too into braids and junk, so until they do, I'll just have him crop it super short as per his usual :)

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Totally just realized I only have one screenshot of original 1.0 Endemerrin in the 2.0 engine from the front, and it's super scrolled out so I won't bother posting. But who cares about original Endemerrin!


1.0 Enmrn




And what his appearance change will look like for 2.0~


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Here is 1.0 Manari. The lighting in 1.0 always made her hair have a green tint to it, when out in the Shroud, or Gridania.








And here is 2.0 Manari when she came back on the Legacy server. My favorite casual RP outfit is intact, but my favorite hunting RP outfit is completely different now, even thought it's still the same pieces of gear, as illustrated in the 2nd pic above, and the 2nd pic below.






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