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Blue Skies: Horizon Crossing II [Temp Gilgamesh for phase 3. Balmung-based linkshell]

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All of us at the Blue Skies Adventuring Company would like to invite everyone for one final phase 3 event this coming beta weekend! It will be the last public event from us for some time, as we plan to start delving into linkshell centric events for phase 4 on Balmung! (Though we will still have a public event or two, and will continue to host them once the game goes live~)


We'd like to have phase 3 go out with a bang, however, and are putting all of our efforts into making this the best event we've hosted yet! Get ready for an action packed night of adventuring as the Blue Skies invites Adventurer's across Eorzea to join them in conquering powerful foes and recovering lost artifacts for some of their clients.


Given the absolutely massive turn out we had at our last event, we'd like to start early with the notice and we heavily encourage people to RSVP. We had well over fifty people in attendance last week, much more than posted an RSVP on the thread, and as such had to scramble to make room for everyone. We'd like to avoid this this time around, so we would appreciate it if you post on this thread whether you will be attending, or plan on attending if you're able to make it fit in your schedule.


The current time for this event is Friday, July 12th @ 7:00pm EST.

*We will be gathering in La Noscea. This means that unless you are level 15 and obtain your airship pass, you will need to create a Marauder alt to have access to the island.


We will be taking interest into account as we develop the miniature storylines for the event, and be forming groups based on classes and levels. The events will take place across a wide area, and will be potentially dangerous. As such, when you are RSVPing we would ask that you post what classes you have available, and what levels they currently are. Please note, even if you're a level 1 you are more than welcome to join us! In fact, we encourage you to come out, as we're certain you'll have a blast if you put yourself out there. We will be splitting off into smaller groups like last time, and members will be placed randomly into said groups in an effort to spread out levels and classes appropriately.


That being said, Xenedra, Gospel, Kassandra and I will be developing the individual group storylines over the coming wednesday and thursday, and we do plan to have back-up storylines in place if we get an overwhelming amount of people that show up like last time.


We'll be announcing the gathering location for the event at a later date, so please keep your eyes peeled for more information.


We hope to see you all out there!



Our meeting place for tomorrow will be Blue Skies' traditional (though slightly shrunken) gathering point: The Anchor Yard.



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I plan to be there with Myxie Tryxle.  Her in-character play is as a craftsperson.  I think she's level 16 weaver with a smattering of other craft skills from level 4 to level 13.  Her combat classes are thaumaturge at 23 and conjurer at 16, with the rest being 10 or less.

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I would sure like to attend, as my first exposure to RP in FFXIV, as well as satisfying some of the curiosity and interest I have for Blue Skies in general :).


I don't know what level or class I'll be at that time, but the character will either be Hexi Tosh or Corbeau Mauvaix.

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I've been nothing but impressed by Blue Skies members since joining, so of course I'd love to come see you guys in action! I'll talk to a friend or two of mine, too, to see if I can RSVP for them also,  :). Tentatively 1-3 people, uncertain of level, but likely not too significant since this will be the first beta round we'll have had access to.

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