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August 18th RP Get-Together


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[align=center]Since we've pushed back the date for the Eorzean Bounty Board event to allow more time for people to level to get through some of the more grizzly areas of the Aetherytes as well as in general make it so that more people can attend, we've decided to host a newer and more relaxed event for Open Beta which we hope everyone attends and enjoys!!


There should hopefully be enough dancing, booze, and entertainment to last well into the last hours of Open Beta!! See you there.








[align=center]This is the map of Old Gridania, the X's mark the locations you enter and proceed through to make it to Apkallu Falls, with the directional help of the arrows:[/align]





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I won't miss this.


However, I'm taking the level 20-everything challenge, which is three days of non-stop mindless level grinding. What is the timeframe for the event? I'm sure I can fit in thirty minutes or an hour of Yeldir's time.


EDIT: That's funny! The first image didn't load when I wrote this, but it did now. That answers my questions.

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I am tied up with some RL commitments but if it goes past 6:30pm est I can at least make the tail end. Here is to hoping! :D

It will go as long as there are people there and I should be there all night given I don't have unexpected company or something. Look forward to seeing you there, Poe!

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*Cough* Well, I have a bit of egg on my face....I forgot to look at which forum this was and accidentally replied to a Gilgamesh event ^^; Shame really.


lol its alright everyone wants to party with the new kids. lol just kidding before someone comes in and sets off a volcano *looks around cautiously*


Just make an alt to party with us. An archer/lancer/conjurer should do so you can be right smack in Gridania for the event. Hopefully you will be able to by tomorrow.

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