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On 7/3/2019 at 8:43 AM, Rosekitten said:

i couldn't find the answer to this but maybe someone else had heard of it ... An fc mate was trying to sort out race ages and after hearing about the Viera we ended up discussing races by age and order. Till I got to au ra and I just couldn't find anything. Honest it never dawned on me to bother looking. Given previous race lore i just assumed they lived an average lifespan or shorter due depending on tribe and nature.


Unnamed Mercenary is right. In the case of Viera I remember one saying they live three times longer than an elf. Assuming lifespans in The First are the same as in The Source, that means a bunny in good health could live around 360 years.

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Technically Garleans have a first name and a surname, and their title as a particle in between. The first name often sounds roman and follows similar conventions. The surname, sometimes yes (Galvus, S

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Is there a resource regarding travel times between cities? At least between the main city-states?


I have seen some threads claiming the it takes 2-3 months to sail from Limsa Lominsa to Kugane (I'm not far enough along to have a clue where the latter location is). I've seen someone reference NPC dialogue claiming that a chocobo rider can get from Ul'dah to Gridania in a day, but they are pushing their bird to the max to do it-- so I'd guess that means 10ish hours? So maybe double that if it's a traveler on foot?


I am just trying to get a sense of timing for my characters travels. She is primarily in Limsa IC, except now that I had to join a GC, after much deliberation, I went with the Order of the Twin Adder in Gridania (where she was raised post Ala Mhigo being invaded) because it just makes the most sense character-wise. She is in Limsa for the Arcanist Guild, but the Order is who she'd be more loyal to. So I'm trying to figure how long it would reasonably take to travel via non-aether means between Limsa and Gridania in particular, but also wondering about approximate distances between other main city states.


I am a little unclear on how people regard the aethernet in RP, but it seems like it's generally regarded as a reality in world, but a very taxing one that the average joe does not really use. So depending on the type of character you are playing determines whether or not you'd reasonably be able to make use of it with any regularity and if your character is doing it a lot, you might be in Mary Sue territory. And to that end, it seems like the small crystals within cities are more or less completely ignored in RP and it's just the main big crystals that are relevant.


I think, at least for my purposes, I would IC only potentially include travel from one big crystal to another, ignoring the mini-crystals within city-states, and disregard the teleportation ability entirely. (I of course make rampant use of these OOC though lol)

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