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"Weaving" the Vanya Robe of Healing/Casting IRL

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I hope it's okay to post this, as I think cosplay is considered a form of art, just with fabric and a lot more cuss words >.>


I thought others would enjoy seeing the progress I've been making on recreating my Miqo'te's favorite set of robes to wear in real life!... Only I don't have enough materia socketed to make this in five minutes like we can do in the game  *cough cough*




It's been a lot of work, let me tell you that now. ;_; I'm hoping to have it all done and ready to go this weekend. I've actually made a BUNCH more progress on the robes since I took this picture, including more appliques, snaps, dying wigs with sharpie markers and crazy things like punching holes into a belt with a corkscrew because I didn't have a hammer and nail on hand seeing that I'm residing in a hotel at the moment.











This is Tayelle, for those of you who don't know. ^_^ While I won't have Eos with me in time for this convention, along with a very few details (like my Zenith book), I will have a backup grimoire and or a purse that actually looks like a book, haha!


I didn't want to spam everyone with a ton of progress pictures, so if you'd like to see more of them, I have been posting them on my FF14 tumblr: http://finaltay.tumblr.com


I hope you guys enjoyed it so far! I'm excited, but really nervous about it!

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:blush: Thank you guys, very very much. I really appreciate it! I'm hoping to finish it today. I'm presently sealing the craft foam armor pieces in a weird school glue/ fabric glue/ and water mix (via this tutorial so that it will hold the rub and buff in time for this Saturday.



As per usual, I HAVE NO IDEA WTF I'M DOING :frustrated:


((whoops, forgot the picture of the foam belt thing, hopefully it works now other wise here's the link- http://assets.enjin.com/wall_embed_images/1405439356_20140715_104345.jpg ))

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... Wow. 


And even more 'wow' just on the point you're making this in a hotel. Were you able to get a little sewing machine in there with you, or is this all hand sewn/Liquid Hem'd?

I brought my Singer Confidence machine with me to the hotel along with bags upon bags of fabric/materials, my iron from home (don't trust hotel irons with crepe back satin), etc. etc. Thankfully there was a Hobby Lobby a few blocks down the road for the things I forgot. This weekend is the convention I'm wearing this to- while it's not "perfect" just yet, I'm using this as a trial run to see if it can stay together. I'll likely post some more pictures come Saturday :3 (completed pictures, not just random bits lol)


Thank you guys for your input, seriously!

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*flails about* I just had my first trial run of the Vanya Robes of Healing at San Japan this weekend. While there are things I want to make sure I fix/change/add, nothing fell apart on me! (though the foam on the belt got a bit banged up- I plan to remake it with worbla before September) Here's some pictures via my hubby's cell phone for now. How did it turn out? ^_^





tumblr_n90wquPwzf1ttx1lho2_1280.jpg (I took my heels off by this point and swapped to flats because my little feet couldn't handle the incline of heels any more, lol)


the rest of the 12 pictures I have from his phone are on the tumblr mentioned previously, but by September the ears should look much better, the wig will have the ends curled under and the details I skipped before will be added >_< I should have a Tonberry costume for my husband as well ^_^:tonberry:

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Seconded for the petticoat. My only other little nit-pick would be the collar -- I think it could benefit from some (or maybe a bit more) batting to give it some rigidity. 


Other than that, it came out awesome.

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Awesome job. :D

Thank you~!!

You should consider wearing a long petticoat underneath the robe to give it the appropriate poof. :D

Seconded for the petticoat. My only other little nit-pick would be the collar -- I think it could benefit from some (or maybe a bit more) batting to give it some rigidity. 


Other than that, it came out awesome.

That's actually a really good idea! I was pressed for time and materials for this convention, but I think I could manage getting my hands on a long enough petti for September! Thanks for the tip you two! 


As for the collar, I honestly think I made it too wide to be perfectly honest. While there's some heavy duty interfacing in it, I feel like it sits awkwardly on my shoulders and I think I'll have to do a bit more altering to it. What really might be messing it up at the moment is the fact that instead of sewing that silver foam armor to the collar, I safety pinned a rather rigid thing of foam to it making it bend a little more than I wish it to. :lol:

You look adorable! Oh my gosh those ears! I just want to touch them. :3


A petticoat would step it up a notch though. It still looks amazing though.

Petticoat definitely incoming! The ears are really soft but not quite the shape I was trying for so they might be changing a bit! :D

I third (fourth?) the petticoat!  Other than that, it looks spiffy!  I love the floofy eaaarrs.

<3 Thank you guys, seriously! I want to keep making changes to the costume until it's perfect. I'm still in a hotel for another week or so, but once I head back to my home state I can start working on the finer details and getting it right! ^_^ I wanna have Eos too!




Actually I had a question for you all because I was very much at a loss as to why this kept happening. Did something happen to Kuplu Kopo in one of the Final Fantasy games that I missed? Or is booping and/or petting a moogle considered good luck of something? I mean I love moogles, they are adorable, but I started to get a bit confused as to why everyone kept asking if they could pet or boop my moogle plushie? xD I would always let everyone do so, along with making the :moogle: noise, lol.

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That looks AMAZING. Though I gotta know if the brass is really sharp left at those angles or not? I know that even though the foam method I used was soft, it still was rubbing enough against the fabric to cause a bit of pilling which I hope to rectify.


I'm actually working on changing those pieces I made with foam to be covered in worbla to be sturdier but still working on figuring out how to keep it from rubbing against the fabric of the robe

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