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Yet another general lore questions thing


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I was being encouraged to create a character that I almost made around launch time and just... didn't, I guess. But his concept and idea was focused around some things I'm not 100% sure exist.


He basically would have owned a 'curious oddities' shop. Selling talismans, "haunted" items, that sort of stuff. But I'd always wondered if I could perhaps take it a small step further and have him actually sell spells or curses or anything? I wasn't sure if something like that existed in lore, I'm only familiar with a straight up white/black mage take on magic. So I wanted to poke around and find out if more 'witchcraft'-esque type things existed.

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Not so much in lore but this is such a crazy place you could fit this in.


Personally I have gone down the "Hedge Witch" route mixing vague fairy tale and hokey stuff together. Like Snake Oil, Warding Talismans, Crystal Healing, Seances, Astrology etc..


I have done plots like this where such hokey fixes came into play..


  • Runaway Vegetables - where the vegetables from the farm are running away in the night
  • Ghost Whale - where we had to build an enchanted harpoon and create spectral goggles to see into the realm of ghosts
  • Love Potion Failure - where there were some rather strange physical effects to the men who used the potion
  • Pirates Health Visitor - curing many issues and maladies for the Pirates at Wolves Den
  • Rat Robbers - rats steeling gems from the miners guild
  • Addicted to Bees - ?  pending

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