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How do you die? (Prompt!)

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Stealing the idea from Ruru's thread, and also from the Truth Serum thread.


If you were finishing telling your character's story, how do they finally meet their maker? What's the last thing they experience before slipping into the black? Glorious combat? Surrounded by loved ones? Forgotten, alone?



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If I could do it perfect, and use my friend's characters.... and probably kill them too, Erik would die with his main Red Wings by his side... after freeing Ala Mhigo... against a hoard, maybe... ten, fifteen years down the road... like this. At the end merging both missions, the disaster relief side by saving a small villiage, the super-trooper side by being bad motherf.....s.


0:00 > Erik

0:06 > Osric

0:23 > Kahn'a

0:29 > Zack

0:33 > Askier


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Realistically, L'yhta would bite off more than she can chew -- say, by attacking a Castrum by herself, trying to disrupt a Primal summoning on her own, or delving into a hazardous Allagan ruin -- and get killed that way, probably with no one knowing exactly what happened to her.


To kill her off in a story, though, I'd have her sacrifice herself in some grand gesture, saving as many people as she can. She'd turn to her friends, tell them to run, then dash forward into the maw of whatever danger faces them and channel all of her Aether into one glorious, massive explosion of offensive magic.

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Okay so sappy moment;


I want to have Chika grow old with her lover, T'urnessa, and raise a family with her. After having kids, and great grand kids, they'd be very old and gray. Preferably both die at the same time, holding each other, after saying their good nights and 'I love you' (and yes this has been planned out already)

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T'rahnu will die of old age.


No, really. As soon as she feels her body starting to fail her because of the whiles of time, she's going to retire from the adventuring bizz. Might go take up an apprentice or two. When she finally kicks the bucket, she'll do so with pride and with friends by her side.


It's unfortunate about the whole 'all her relatives are dead' thing tho. That certainly puts a damper on things.

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I've already done a slow, lingering death to a character, and I've had a lot of the same happen to people around me IRL recently, so that's not really something I'm too keen about doing right now... so I guess I'd rather see Kara go with a quick death in her old age. A sort of "It's a shame she's gone, but she was old and it was just a matter of time" deal. Go in her sleep, or have a heart attack and be dead before she hits the ground. She's still too immature for me to picture her having a 'loved one', but even still I'd think she'd be alone only in the sense that no-one was physically there when it happened. Like... out for a pleasure ride on a chocobo, has a heart attack and is dead between falling out of the saddle and hitting the ground, body is found not long after by a courier, patrol, or another traveler.


The Gardener would probably just disappear, leaving people wondering if she moved on to somewhere else or died and her body was never found.

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Armi will die foolishly, but bravely.


In her storyline she was a priestess of Nymeia, believing in the weavings of Fate, and her fate was spun to be "You will die before you truly live." and Armi is a bit of a martyr. She wants to die with a purpose.


I honestly don't see her living past 30.

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Jajara will either live to be an ancient little lalalady with a slightly less ancient little lalafellow at her side back in the dunes where they were from, or she will die trying to help someone dear to her, probably to little actual effect. She is no adventurer even if they've recently decided to sort of take a stab at it. A fighter she may be but she is no hero.


Delial will either be killed by someone (not at all likely in service to another though there might be two people with whom she may make exception), or she will die as her mother did and take her own life. I see the latter being more likely: a quiet end on her own terms.

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Roh would likely ether like Jara there live to be a very old and withered Mancat Dragoon with his lovely Fiance. Having many lovely little kittens.


If Roh had his way he'd go out in a blaze of glory, fighting to protect some one he cares for deeply or ending some terrible evil. Taking it with him. Possibly in the most epic Jump known to Dragoon kind. Just Possibly.

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I always thought Ruru would die in some grandiose way, but for his world, his life....I see him being stabbed in the back, maybe by a stranger or an enemy in the dark alleys or side streets, be they in Limsa or Ul'dah. Maybe after a night out with friends, as he often leaves alone. So, for me, in my mind's eye, I always envision Ruru's story coming to a sad lonely end.



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Gharen is unlikely do die peacefully. and I see this going down in one of two ways.


Good ending: Gharen attains his dream of mastering all known forms of combat becoming an Ala Mhigan weapons master, He dies soon after in battle against an overwhelming enemy in defense of his loved ones. He dies happy, knowing that his family live on and his life had meaning.


Bad ending: The experiments conducted on him by Raelisanne Banurein have left an unseen lasting effect upon Gharen and he finally loses his internal battle of wills with his id, either having evolved into a completely separate dominant personality or remaining a base vicious animal, the wolf becomes a threat to all. Roen, Hornet and Qaeli are forced to track him down and end Gharen's life.

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Hrm, well, there's a few ways Fio could go. With his current path, it's highly unlikely he'll live to see old age. Honestly, I see him either dying while holding the line against, uh, you people. *Waggles fingers.* Be it Garlemald comes under siege, or Fio is trying to stop the Eorzeans from razing liberating Ala Mhigo. He squares off against familiar faces, maybe takes a few out, and eventually bites the dust after having faced overwhelming odds. Or triggers a massive ceruleum detonation with the last vestiges of his strength. Because the Empire runs on ceruleum. Or he could get knifed in the back. Or hung for being a traitor to Eorzea and her city states.

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Augustine will get caught and probably executed for his crimes. His free company leader will probably be the one to do it, too. It'll be a miracle if he grows old. Like really, he's surprised he made it as far as he has.

We're all surprised at that, too.



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