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New role player in the community

Koro Dotharl

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Hello everyone, I have been lurking in these forums for a while and decided to make the firsts steps for engage in RP. Although I never role played in this game before, I have some experience with the concept thanks to the years passed in WoW and D&D. Hopefully it will help me out even if this lore is much different than what i'm used to, which I find exciting!


I thank you all for reading.

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Thanks again for the greets and the cat in my avatar isn't mine unfortunately, but I do have two running around the house!


Are there any plots or hooks you have? Perhaps a city or constant base of operations if an adventurer?


Right now I'm still looking around and my character is still in development so I'm very open to everything (another way to say that I'm lost in this sea of choices :P ), and might post some questions about ideas I have for the character (if that's fine) before I engage but adventuring sounds nice.

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You know, I have this tendency to visualize people as the avatar that they use, and that sometimes bleeds into the mental voice I use to read their posts. And you? You sound like a lolcat. I like you.

In other words, welcome to our corner of the interwebs.

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