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Pen Pals project...thing?


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I recall there once was a project for this, but I never heard about it again. I had always thought it would be something fun to do.


Anyone interested?


I figure it can be anonymous or not, depending on preferences of the writer.


We can match people randomly, or maybe by general interests? And the letters could be sent out every few days or so, in batches. I can send the anon based ones, too.


Loose, base idea. Just sounded cute and fun, and maybe a good way to make connections?

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I'll be up for this! Especially if I can use an alt (Remioux Beauvais or Richtor Garalad), as they need some friends.


You don't want Val writing you letters.


...Then again, maybe you do.


I do o_o


Pffffft. We could probably set something up, then!


Fun fact: Val started writing because a noble man hit on Faye and then told her that he'd contact her by mail. Val stubbornly said, "Pfft. I can write letters too!"


And he's been secretly writing her letters ever since. I.. kind of want to have him learn to get better, but at the same time the comedy that comes from it is just too good to give up ;-;

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I'm down for random pairings for all of my characters: Tiergan Vashir, Lurial Vashir, Leilani Leilai, and Furious Storm. (I have a problem :V)


I'll have to come up with some reason why Tiergan would be okay with being pen-pals with someone. This just seems like a really neat way to get to know other members of the community. :]

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