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Poking for interest. A "Come dine with me"- esque event?


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I may have been exposed to too much BBC lifestyle, but I got thinking and I think one could potentially do something like it in RP. 

It would have to be limited in how many could partake (I would suggest 4 or 5) but the basic idea would be that you take 4-5 strangers that sign up for this, and they then in turn host a dinner party (Consisting of a 3 course meal + entertainment) and then I suppose there could be a sort of judge/commentator (Maybe one who'd like to write a little thing about what happened for the forums?) to collect scores. And then when each participant had hosted an event, then votes would be counted up and the one who did it the best gets a price. 

I think it would be a good event for meeting strangers and maybe walking away with a friend (or mortal enemy, all depending)

The challenge in it would be to get all 4-5 people to show up consistently at each others dinner-party event which would be complicated by the timezones. But if for example there were 4 participants, one could do it over fri/sat in two weekends, perhaps early-ish in the evening/ late afternoon to make it a little more friendly for EU people like myself. Something like 4-5PM EST would be a good start time for me. 

As for locations, peoples own houses (if they have one), an FC room or even an FC house would be good - I'd be willing to lend my own house out for the occasion, for people who don't have any of those options. 


So, what do you guys think? Good idea or have I positively gone crazy and need to stop watching BBC lifestyle?

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Sounds like something Daphine or Andy would get into... likely Andy being more that people person type.


I'll throw my hat in the ring!

...so long as it's not the first hat to host. :P

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I think the commentary would be a bit difficult to do, other than posting something to the thread here in that kind of style. 


As for entertainment, I guess it could be anything from arranging for a performance by a bard, to showing off your characters talent or challenging your fellow diners to something not so usual? Like uh.. Axe.. throwing? 


Just as a small thing to happen between say, the main and the dessert.

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