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Fight Club (name subject to change)

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If you're here and reading this you've probably heard the rumors that I am looking to create my own exhibition involving fighting. That I've enjoyed being a benefactor for The Grindstone but have outwardly and inwardly always preferred something with more grit and less pomp. That I'm a fan of real fighting, bare-chested and bare-handed combat. Man to man with no magics, weapons, or anything that isn't your apart of your natural body. That I am one to put my money where my mouth is and host such an exhibition with a prize to the finalists equaling at least two-hundred and fifty thousand gil. The rumors are true.



It's been a long week and its time to work some of the frustration and stress off. You guard piss-ant nobles who can't wipe themselves and yearn for a brawl once in a while. You apprentice for a blacksmith who takes credit for all of your hard work and barely pays you. You're a street rat and you scrap nightly for food and are looking for a big payday after spending all those years on the streets honing your fighting prowess. You're a Miqo woman looking to prove yourself, you're rich and famous and want to wear a mask and enjoy living an alter-ego. You're a member of law enforcement and you're tired of seeing people get away with any crime with the right amount of coin, and its time to vent.


I frankly won't give a shit as to why you will show up, just that you do. I don't care too much about who you are, just that you show up. The money is there mostly to draw a crowd, all the same I expect quality entertainment. So help you if I find out fights are being thrown for it.


There are rules :


1) No weapons

2) No armor of any kind

3) No shoes

4) No tops (bras only for women)

5) No claws for you Miqo out there

6) No biting, and avoid too much hair pulling.


The payout will go to the finalists, and it will be 80-20.


I don't care about fighting styles. You want to box people only so be it. You want to wrestle and use submissions to win, so be it.


People will get hurt, and people will cheer when you get hurt. This isn't the Grindstone where we all look away and wince when you are bested by your opponent. Your opponents will leave bruised and in pain. You will leave bruised and in pain. You will be healed though all the same and I will take care of any cost incurred by that. You're here to fight for yourselves as much as for the entertainment of your peers. Don't hold back.


This Sunday the first such event will take place.


I look forward to seeing you.


(Coerthas Central Highlands (26,23)

( Sunday, 5 October 2014. 5PM Eastern Standard Time)

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I hope I'll be able to make it!


Here's a little something to maybe spice up the RP-side of it.




There was a hushed talk around the street of Ul'dah. 


"Did you hear? Mr. Vann is hosting some sort of tournament." 




"Yes! But don't tell too many. I've heard it's something like the Grindstone tournaments, but more brutal. No weapons, no healing of minor injuries." 


One person looked to another, "so where is it? The desert?" some more hushed talk. "No, apparently it's all the way up in Coerthas. Twelve-forsaken frozen wasteland. Some abandoned warehouse up there." 


"Why would he choose that?" 


"Maybe it's to bury anyone who dies in the snow." 


"That sounds terrifying! But...I want to watch." 


"I as well. They say it will be hosted near the end of the week. I'll have to ready a chocobo and inn reservations."

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IC justification for being in Coerthas... IC justification for being in Coerthas...


*goes tearing through pad upon pad of notes*


...wait, is it ICly in Coerthas or are we pretending that that damp room is elsewhere?

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IC justification for being in Coerthas... IC justification for being in Coerthas...


*goes tearing through pad upon pad of notes*


...wait, is it ICly in Coerthas or are we pretending that that damp room is elsewhere?


^this is an excellent question. If we're just using that room, it could be located anywhere. If we're hosting it in Coerthas, I'm sure I could find a reason IC, but that could be interesting for others.

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Thus far tho, it IS d20 based to be fair to all fighters, not free form.


It will remain this way too. I might brew up crits and other more flair type hits but itll be d20.


Also bumping this thread so people can keep it in their minds and im selfish.


Were fighting again this weekend.


Sunday 5 PM EST.

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Bumping this for a couple of reasons.


One, I have no healers for tonight. I will definitely not go through with Fightclub if I have none. A lot of people get hurt IC in the fights and its kind of the point of the event and it wont feel right with people not being tended too.


Two, it is tonight thus far. Remember 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. Last week I had at least 3 people come to me over an hour late saying they didn't know when it was starting.


If I have to cancel I will bump again later before the event starts. Last week I think I had a total of 4 healers commit or offer aid and none of them showed or could. Really need at least one and you will be paid for it with gil.

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