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Your character and breakfast


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My wife makes breakfast for me. Sometimes she makes french toast. She goes to this local hippy store and buys freshly baked loaves of sourdough bread and cuts it up into massive slices of bread at home. Cinnamon she grinds up herself into the egg mixture, cooks it on the cast iron skillet/pan thing.


Yeah m8s thats me. Will post a picture later

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Omlettes with green peppers, tomatoes, and garlic for spice and a bit of unexpected. Cinnamon roll for sweetness and fruit for tartness. Coupled that with a cup of orange blossom tea for subtlety, and it's pretty much the mixed bag of emotional mess that Vaughn is.

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A lot of good answers in this thread.




What breakfast would your archenemy be! It is ok if you don't have an archenemy, but if you did and they were a breakfast, what would they be?


Nat's archemesis would be the sickly sweet/custardy DANISH.



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