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Anime theme for your character!

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I know there was a thread posted about one's character compared to anime characters. In similar relation, what would be a theme song from an anime that would fit your character's life and story?


Anime themes can be pretty fun to work with and stretch over a wide variety of genres. For me, the theme from Yu-Gi-Oh! season 0 seemed active enough for Lili's life. Catchy too!



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I've given this some thought...and I'll go ahead and list one of my personal favorites.  It's a solid anime of an even greater game as performed by one of my favorite J-artists.


Used in the anime for Valkyria Chronicles, it's "Asu e no Kizuna" - "The Bond to Tomorrow" by HIMEKA.




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It's okay if I don't stop my overflowing tears

At the end of this sadness, the light will surely shine me..


Yes, I've believed in the same feeling

I've gazed at the memory that has been erased

Although I cannot meet you right now

I conceal those painful feelings..


I wanna make it more clear that I can become stronger

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For Yangh i've two theme's as she is essentially two sides of one coin even though her more recent and gentle side is still pretty riddled with dark tendancies. She's keeps it well in check... but like all complicated character she has a secret side to her that few have or will ever see!(Pray you never meet the other side >.>)


Light side!



Dark Side!



I should note that both of these anime are amazing!

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Queenie's Anime Theme~

I had a hard time choosing between which Inuyasha opening/ending to use but....... I have to go with this one.  Queen is very introspective and intuitive and she was really missing her man for a while there.  =[


I immediately think of Inuyasha when I think of iconic anime openings/endings so I'm sure you can all guess what age bracket I fall into?






Miounne's Anime Theme~

A bit more on the fun, zany side and I think that suits her.  x3

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I think I did say that Anelia is mostly adapted from FATE/Stay Night's Saber - and honestly when I was watching UBW anime series recently, it does fit for her theme. :D





This is probably Mizuho's theme. 




This my new male character's theme in terms of resolution style. (Not his main theme)

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[align=center]Even if your hands 


[align=center]Are stained beyond cleansing 


[align=center]I want you 


[align=center]To love me


[align=center]"All Alone With You" by EGOIST ft. Chelly[/align]



Er, when you look at it.. it's kind of a sad love song. At first, I assumed it's Caelia's feelings towards a relationship with a certain man. But the people whom she holds close seem to put her in the dark. She only wishes to help them shoulder the burden. No matter how heavy it is.


Also, what are anime openings? I live for the ending themes.

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After many careful considerations, it just had to be Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood's 5th and last opening. I had two other options but gah, it was so hard to choose! This song fits the Vale Brothers perfectly just like the Elrics'.


[align=center]Song: SID - Rain[/align]


[align=center][video=youtube]http://youtu.be/xr1s1VQKSzo [/align]

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