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The Lover's Warden (seeker and keeper event)

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Hello everyone and welcome to the festivities!


Graciously hosted in the Drake's territory, we welcome everyone to witness the solar eclipse coming this Saturday to Eorzea! All those under Azeyma's warm embrace and Menphina's loving gaze are welcomed to attend!


The evening/night will be filled with food brought from all tribes/clans! There will be music, story telling, games for children and adults alike!


Come show off your strengths and talents, share stories of great things your families have done, and enjoy the show the Sisters will put on! 


Menphina and Azeyma come together once, let's all come together as well. 


Please keep in mind that peace is expected, but friendly competition is encouraged! For this one night, let it be a night of learning! It's not often we put aside differences, so let's try and make this positive as we can. We expect there to be squabbles and have taken the time to elect our strongest to keep fights from starting, and should physical fights start, you may be asked to leave.


Starting in the evening we'll enjoy a great feast in our beloved Sisters names! Later, feel free to talk, tell your stories, preform and show off your talents, compete for best hunter and more! At midnight, there will be a large bonfire, dancing and drinks for those who'd like them provided by any who wish to provide. All food and drink is provided by the party-goers!


Feel free to come and go as you please while the event takes place, and also, please respect the land we celebrate on and be sure to clean up any mess and thank the U for allowing us into their home! 


I hope to see you all there!




This event will take place on November 29th, at 10pm GMT. 


While it's hoped this will be a peaceful event, please don't feel obligated to censor your characters! If they're going to be an ass, let them! No matter how this event turns out, positive or negative for those characters involved, it will be a great event in my books!


Please respect other RPers first and foremost. 


If you have idea's for activities during this event please feel free to post them here on this thread or just start them at the event! It's totally cool if all of a sudden you shout 'first one to hunt down X target wins Y reward!' or something like that! This event is organized by the players! Feel free to have fun with it, as this is only an outline to get us together!


Have fun guys! I hope to see you there!


(This event is open to all races, though particularly to miqo'te and those who are under Azeyma and Menphina. )

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That's totally up to the individual characters, I would think. While they're totally welcome to the event, some may not be so welcoming. 


Others might see it as a chance for acceptance since the sun and moon are together so it's not a huge deal??? 


But yeah, mixed breed miqo'te are welcome to come as well, though how individual characters react is out of my control.

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