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What would be your character's Pokemon Team?


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What would be your characters Pokemon team, were they in the pokemon world? 

Choose six pokemon, legendaries and shinies are fine, this is just for fun (Though you can choose to omit them should you choose :P) however please avoid fakemon or glitch pokemon.

Optionally you can describe why they would choose such pokemon, and what pokemon would be their main 'companion', what moves they would have, what style of trainer your character would be, pokemon nicknames, etc.


You can also make a trainer card if you want!




Titor's team would be as follows, mostly metal/electric:


Porygon: Titor's main pokemon companion, nicknamed Bit. This porygon would have liked been modified or engineered from Titor, who would likely be a programmer researching synthetic pokemon. While the base code would be from a normal porygon, Titor would augment and make minor tweaks on Bit. However, he always treats Bit kindly, and often keeps it out of the pokeball, creating a friend and companion.

Klinklang: Found as a Klink and initially mistaken as another part for his engineering, Titor and the Klink quickly warmed up to each other.

Mareep: Titor would have searched Mareep out to capture. While being an adorable electric sheep, it also provides means of electricity on the fly for a variety of experiments if needed.

Skarmory: Because everyone needs a pokemon that can fly. Also, metal.

Rotom: Likely caused one of Titor's experiments to go wrong while being mischievous, caught and eventually stopped being so evil towards Titor and his experiments (though still kind of iffy, think Ash's charizard kind of behaviour)

Magneton: Caught in the wild, and seems to have a strange fascination with Titor's Klinklang.


Titor's style of training would be mostly as pokemon companions and assistants towards his experiments. Titor is a scientist, and would be even in the Pokemon world, so would be less interested in training/showing/breeding, and moreso into researching and humanely augmenting them or bringing out the most of their skills.

As such, he would not nickname most of his pokemon, only Bit.

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hydreigon.jpgHydreigon: The coup de grace of Edgar's team, Hydreigon is designed to sweep opponents with a variety of elemental attacks, often before he is forced to even consider switching Pokemon. Raised from its first form, a lot of love, care, and devotion has gone into turning it into the perfect fighting machine.




dusknoir.jpgDusknoir: A haunt that refuses to leave Edgar alone. Edgar has no idea what its signal is for, but he figures it can't be for anything good. For the moment, the Ghost Pokemon makes up for its irritation by sniping Psychic and Fighting types before they become threats.



gigalith.jpgGigalith: A giant wall of defensive power, often used to transition between Pokemon, or finish off Flying types, all while Edgar uses X-items and other buffs. Likes to spend time idling next to Edgar's bed...Staring.




staraptor.jpgStaraptor: A pain cannon that flies. Raised to be fast and deadly, especially against Grass, Bug, and Fighting types. May also deal hefty damage to Rock types with moves like Steel Wing. Kept as far away from Koporo as possible, for fear he would eat it.




crawdaunt.jpgCrawdaunt: The go to Water type, it makes up for its many weaknesses by having a massive attack score and ability to sweep Rock, Ground, and Fire types off the map. Edgar likes to keep it in a tank, and offer it plenty of treats.




mienshao.jpgMienshao: A glass cannon Fighting type that relies on hefty speed to deal massive damage. Its fist-fighting techniques remind Edgar of Jajara Jara.


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Team Type: Mostly steel. Defense heavy and focuses physical attack over special.


None of the pokemon are kept inside their pokeballs.

Like a drill sergeant to recruits, Jaques gives the pokemon he trains somewhat demeaning nicknames to help push and motivate.


Squirt (marowak)- The first pokemon Jaques actively rescued as a cubone after her master abandoned her in a marsh to fend for herself. She is what prompted Jaques to start up the shelter. The bond between the two is extremely strong. Arguably the 'weakest' member of the team she is still no slouch given the intense training it has willingly undergone to be a worthy protector of the sanctuary.


Buckethead (escavalier)- A longtime and loyal companion this buggy knight patrols and protects the sanctuary with his fellows. Living up to his nickname he tends to blunder his way through life and seems quite oblivious.


Cuddles (ferrothorn)- Caught just before running into Squirt so is one of the younger members of the team and prefers to do his patrolling and training in the night shift. Since his favorite past-time in the world is snoozing completely motionless in the sun. So still and silent that when he does finally move, any pokemon nearby usually end up startled. Jaques has wondered on more than one occasion if he does it on purpose.


Twinkle-toes (gallade)- Another on night patrol. He likes to sleep/meditate in the day and is one of the few on the team that focuses more on attack than defense. Very caring and protective many of the nocturnal types at the sanctuary like to sleep cuddled with or near him to feel safe. He has an uncanny ability to sense a malicious intent from human and pokemon alike. Jaques is actively looking for the stone to let the gallade mega-evolve.


Ed (scizor)- Originally received in a trade as a scyther and was severely talked up in regards to her abilities, saying she was completely ready to become scizor. Being a new trainer Jaques didn't insist on a demonstration. Turns out that was far from the truth and she seemed to be afraid of everything. But after years of hard work and training she has evolved and is a much more calm and confident critter. Even Jaques isn't completely sure where the nickname 'Ed' came from. Only that he sure as hells wasn't going to keep calling her the long and convoluted name her previous owner had given her. Somehow that became Ed. Ed wears a harness to hold her scizorite that lets her mega-evolve.


Pokey (aegislash)- The first pokemon Jaques obtained as a young boy while she was still a honedge. Even before he was eligible to become a trainer. Jaques found what he thought was a cool sword in the trees but at his touch the thing began to move on it's own. For some reason the spirit took a liking to the boy and they've been practically inseparable ever since. Much to the dismay of his parents. Now that she's fully evolved, Pokey lends some much needed offense while in sword form but generally prefers to stay in shield form.


Jaques: In his years as a trainer he caught and raised many pokemon of several types and abilities. However as time went on he realized that there was just something about steel types and defensive types that he really seemed to bond strongly with. When he officially retired from training he set up a shelter for pokemon that trainers would throw away for whatever reason and leave them defenseless. To keep the shelter safe he's kept his best trained and most loyal team from his trainer days. He no longer participates in trainer battles and woe be unto any who try and force a fight. He will sometimes train a new guard pokemon for the nearby farmers and such in return for supplies and food to run the shelter.







Team type: those that mega-evolve


Ojune's pokemon team doesn't fully belong to him and are mostly the pokemon he's in charge of overseeing and monitoring.


Brobo (slowbro)- One that is actually Ojune's own and a steadfast, if lazy, companion. Likes to lounge in his small pool rather than stay in his pokeball.


Jeje (lopunny)- The other one that is actually his own personal companion. Jeje works with Mawile to to help protect Ojune form Gengar. Likes to stay near Ojune rather than inside her pokeball


Mawile- One of the lab's pokemon. A kind pokemon it tries desperately not to trigger Ojune's fears of it's mega-evolved state and often protects Ojune from Gengar's hauntings so he likes to stay outside his ball. Ojune is frightened of those jagged and wholy unnatural maws when mega-evolved.


Pinser- not social and keeps to itself. But tolerant of the experiments he gets subjected to. Prefers staying in his pokeball. Ojune doesn't like his scary eyes when mega-evolved


Gengar- Donated to the lab by a trainer that was sick of the ghost's pranks. Given Ojune's fear of him, he likes to prank and torment Ojune endlessly. Maliciously at times. He will often break out of his ball to torment the staff.


Banette- Also donated to the lab and a very recent acquisition. Not much is known of this pokemon as she refuses to leave her ball much. Ojune's current work with her is attempting to gain her trust and respect. Despite the fact that he finds even her base form quite unsettling.


Ojune is short, round, and very much an affable nerd. He's not a trainer but a scientist working with a team of others to study the mega-evolution stones and their effects. The goals are to: try and artificially create the stones. Discover if the mega-evolutions can be extended. Once artificial creation is achieved see if more stone types can be created for more types of pokemon. He's one of the newest scientists on the project. When his fellows discovered he had a rather weak constitution to anything he found creepy, they decided as a joke to put him in charge of the ones that looked the scariest while mega-evolved. However instead of backing down a still obviously terrified Ojune stepped up and decided to prove himself by studying with these pokemon. Much to the shock of his colleagues.







Team type: pokemon of darker natures and ability.


Haunter- Her first captured pokemon and faithful companion. It is often left to it's own devices outside it's pokeball. Is the reason Zabine's become quite fond of the darker types. What is it about ghosts that have this uncanny ability to follow and track those it's decided to haunt? It's -exactly- a trait she's honed and trained in Haunter to help her keep tabs on a mark until she's ready to strike.


Noivern- Sought out and captured as a noibat. She wanted this one so she could teach it to carry her across the skies. As well as it's fantastic ability to navigate in near to total darkness to help search out targets that had fled into caves and such.


Trevenant- Another she sought out and captured simply for it's ability. Given that it can tap into the roots of trees and control them this pokemon makes a perfect companion for capturing targets that try and hide out in a grove or forest.


Dragalge- Sought out and caught for it's extremely corrosive poison. You never know when something like that will come in handy. And you might not want to know -how- it's come in handy.


Malamar- Sought out for it's hypnotic abilities that are rumored to be even more powerful than hypno's. While Zabine isn't sure if that's true, she hasn't complained about just how soothing those tentacles can be to watch as they hypnotize any unwitting foe she needs.


Gyarados- One day Zabine found a magikarp that was oddly coloured from the rest. as she was sprinkling bits of bread to the karp in a pond. She decided to take it with her and after a bit of work it evolved. While not her -typical- style of pokemon she uses him as a sort of trump card when she needs something with sheer damage potential. Which is only amplified by it's mega-stone. He's also the next best thing to a lapras when traveling the seas in search of targets who have fled the mainlands.


Zabine leads a double life. On the surface she's a warm and sophisticated trainer with an almost unsettling bond with some of the darker pokemon out there. She has traveled all over the place and likes to test her meddle against teams that prove to be a challenge to her own. Which is why she has a seemingly random assortment of badges but not all of them from a particular region. Underneath she is a skilled assassin/bounty hunter that seeks out criminals that have fled across continents and beyond.



So I was bored over maint. Does it show?

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Quki wouldn't have a full team, since she would be easily overwhelmed, she would train 3 to be very hard and compensate the lack of other 3 on her team. It wouldn't really have any ulterior synergy besides being the strongest individually, and since she's still growing, it has a a big way to go.



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Right, time to copy pasta over from the Pokémon forum I play on, where most of my FF characters either originated or have expies.


Disclaimer: The forum I come from doesn't have a restriction on movelists, letting our Pokémon interchangeably know any move that appears in any of their set lists. I list ten moves on my Pokémon as a general-purpose idea of what they're capable of.



Chris Ganale, the Airman[/align]





Marowak [Male]Put ya guns on.

Loyal and steadfast, Marowak has been at Chris' side through thick and thin, akin to a loyal samurai's devotion to his daimyo. Possesses a very dry sense of humor and what can be called a dour outlook. Has no patience for silliness and shenanigans, and has no problem letting anyone know about it. Years of familiarity have given them the ability to communicate nonverbally through body language. Chris' Marowak is unnaturally resistant to the Grass type due to specialized training in order to create an enjoyable showdown with his cousin for her badge.

—Recieved in Celadon City from Erika.

Ability: Lightning Rod

Move Pool: Bonemerang, Bone Rush, Ice Beam, Focus Energy, Smack Down, Focus Blast, Dig, Bulldoze, Hidden Power - Dark, Bone Club




Steelix [Male]The Power of Rock.

One of the members of his final team during his run against the Kanto League, though an Onix at the time. He has been evolved into a Steelix by Erika during the years under her care. For a massive metal snake, Steelix is remarkably agile and responsive to changes in its surroundings. It is very difficult to get Steelix riled, but once it's happened, its rampages more closely resemble the damage done by a Gyarados. In this state, it's hard to control even by either Chris or Erika.

—Captured in Rock Tunnel.


Ability: Sturdy

Move Pool: Rock Tomb, Strength, Sandstorm, Explosion, Iron Tail, Flash Cannon, Substitute, Giga Impact, Earthquake, Stealth Rock




Scyther [Male] - That's not how you use that.

Another of his final team mainstays, Scyther is an individual that sees the world as remarkably dull. Very little interests Scyther, and most often it just roams about when not being used in battle. Scyther will listen to Erika as well as it will Chris, and has occasionally been used by Erika in Gym battles to surprise unsuspecting trainers. In combat, Scyther is vicious and ruthless, fully-aware that its kind evolved blades in the place of forearms for the purpose of killing, and having no qualms about doing so.

—Captured in the Kanto Safari Zone.


Ability: Swarm

Move Pool: False Swipe, Fury Cutter, Feint, Cut, X-Scissor, Agility, U-Turn, Swords Dance, Double Team, Thief





Unlike the rest of his team, Raichu, nicknamed Sparky, but generally called Sparks, is female, and much more friendly than the rest of Chris' team, who are either aloof or outright non-social. As befitting a mouse, Sparky is hard to make sit still and is incredibly inquisitive, always getting into things. Want to drive Sparky nuts? Tie her to a chair for an hour. But leave the country as soon as you do, and never leave your home without wearing anti-shock clothing for the rest of your life.

—Captured in Viridian Forest.


Ability: Static

Move Pool: Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Thunder, Flash, Rain Dance, Charge Beam, Agility, Wild Charge, Volt Tackle, Charge




Garon Crayson, the Mercenary[/align]




Bes'uliik [samurott, Male]Vode an, ka'rta Tor.

Received as a Dewott as a gift from Tessa, Garon recognized the potential of a formidable ally in the smaller Pokémon and set to training it at once. Within a few short weeks, he had evolved into his final form, prompting a smile from the mercenary and the bestowal of the Mandalorian name "Bes'uliik"--after the Mandalorians' feared war droids—upon the creature. As appropriate to his name, Garon often uses Bes'uliik as a mount in battle and, on occasion, will use him as his literal namesake to drop into engagements from high altitude. Bes'uliik has taken to the Mandalorian style like the proverbial fish to water, loyal and aggressive, and always seeking to test his mettle against more powerful foes.

—Gifted from Teletha Testarossa.


Ability: Torrent

Move Pool: Giga Impact, Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet, Razor Shell, Retaliate, Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Ice Beam, Hyper Beam, Dig



Kad [bisharp, Female]Kandosii sa kyr'am ast.

Named after the Mandalorian word for blade, Kad is a no-nonsense warrior who excels in close combat. After evolving from Pawniard, she added extra plating to her helmet to more closely resemble that of a Mandalorian helmet, though Garon still makes fun of her for the large axe blade messing with the image. Kad prefers to ambush adversaries who are focused on another target, dealing devastating and lethal attacks while they're caught unawares, and is known to completely dismember foes.

—Captured in Route 9, Unova.


Ability: Defiant

Move Pool: Fury Cutter, Hone Claws, Metal Claw, Night Slash, Iron Head, Retaliate, X-Scissor, Slash, Guillotine, Low Sweep



Taung [Archeops, Male]Taungsarang.

Revived from a Plume fossil and then evolved, Taung is named for the ancient humanoid race that founded the original culture of the Mandalorians before going extinct. Taung is the air support in Garon's team, staying aloft and providing long-range attacks to enemies on the ground.

—Received as starter Pokémon.


Ability: Defeatist

Move Pool: Rock Throw, Rock Slide, Ancient Power, Agility, Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Focus Blast, Fly




Ren Tauße, the Wanderer[/align]




Solkaz [Male Aegislash]

Ren's first Pokémon, gifted by his parents at the start of his journey, symbolizes his desire to be the knight in shining armor, and acts accordingly. Noble and proud, Solkaz exemplifies the highest virtues of chivalry. Incredibly even-tempered, he is near-impossible to rouse to battle in non-sanctioned events unless it is a matter of life or death. Though more than capable of acting on his own, Solkaz also serves as Ren's primary arms when his trainer must enter battle as well, imbuing Ren with a greatly-enhanced knowledge of swordplay and tactics than he would have using a normal sword.

—Recieved in Ambrette Town.


Ability: Stance Change

Move Pool: Automotize, Shadow Sneak, Iron Defense, Night Slash, King's Shield, Sacred Sword, Swords Dance, False Swipe, Protect, Flash Cannon



Estenien [Male Escavalier]

Another highly-trusted member of Ren's team, Estenien is standoffish and aloof, and takes things far too seriously, but is steadfast and ready to give his life at a moment's notice for Ren, the others in Ren's team, or anyone Ren declares a friend. A relentless combatant, Estenien's lances are renowned for finishing battles in a single strike. Fancying himself a dragon-slayer, Estenien has proven that his strikes are true enough to pierce the thick hides of the Dragon types despite having no inherent advantages against them.

—Captured in Unova, Route 6.


Ability: Shell Armor

Move Pool: Fell Stinger, X-Scissor, Swords Dance, False Swipe, Double Team, Infestation, Twineedle, Iron Head, Cut, Hyper Beam



Karakul [Male Mareep]

Almost solely a utility Pokémon, Karakul barely manages to qualify as a battler rather than a pet. Choosing to remain as a Mareep despite being well beyond even the level needed to be an Ampharos, Karakul likes to relax and take things easy. Karakul views battle as an annoyance, and prefers to just stand back and offhandedly blast things with electricity when he has to fight. He rarely stays in his Poké ball, instead preferring to wander along with Ren and graze at will.

—Captured in Johto, Route 32.


Ability: Static

Move Pool: Strength, Zap Cannon, Ion Deluge, Charge Beam, Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, Thunder Punch, Discharge, Cotton Guard, Confuse Ray



Curious Gorge [Male Rhyperior]

A powerful warrior, Gorge is loud and boisterous, and loves to fight. Where Solkaz and Estenien are precise, directed skill fighters, Curious Gorge is a wrecking ball, held in reserve until the time when maximum damage is required in a minimum amount of time. When he's not trashing everything in sight, Gorge likes to harden himself by training in water, preferably underneath waterfalls. He is also an avid student of history, hence the 'Curious' appellation.

—Captured in Sinnoh, Route 227.


Ability: Solid Rock

Move Pool: Drill Run, Rock Blast, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Rock Wrecker, Surf, Bulldoze, Dig, Smack Down, Rock Tomb



Laevateinn [Male Gyarados]

Laevateinn is a proud and willful spirit, but unlike Solkaz, whose pride instills honor and virtue, Laevateinn's pride is a motivator of terrible carnage. Fancying himself the master of the seas, Laevateinn is loathe to obey Ren, especially near the water, and frequently has to be brought to heel by the other members of Ren's team. Due to this unreliable nature and his penchant for causing mass carnage, Ren almost never deploys Laevateinn, and frequently acts as though he's not even in possession of the fearsome sea beast.

—Captured in Republic of Seafoam.


Ability: Intimidate

Move Pool: Aqua Tail, Twister, Hyper Beam, Ice Fang, Waterfall, Hydro Pump, Scald, Rain Dance, Dark Pulse, Thunder Wave



Widarg [Male Medicam]

Brilliant, but lazy is an apt way of describing Widarg. An incredibly-potent combatant, Widarg is one of the best martial artists that Ren has ever seen. On the other hand, he has a tendency to lose himself contemplating the mysteries of the universe. Solkaz considers him a useless, lazy lout, and Estenien recognizes that there's vast potential in Widarg, but for the most part he just likes to sit and meditate on life, the universe, and everything. When he focuses and steps up to battle, however, he is capable of leveling significantly larger and more-powerful opponents in seconds.

—Captured in Mt. Pyre, Hoenn.


Ability: Pure Power

Move Pool: Zen Headbutt, Confusion, Power-Up Punch, Rock Smash, Focus Blast, Psychic, Low Sweep, Reversal, Force Palm, Flash



Clauncher [Male Clauncher]

More a fancy on Ren's part than any concept of an active battler, Clauncher is surly and antisocial. Normally he lives in Ren's bag, with his appearance on Ren's shoulder being an indicator that he's not in the mood to instantly blast anyone who tries to interact with him in the face with water. He always makes it very clear the people he does not like, and anyone who tries to pet or play with him when he isn't in the mood will get whatever body part they put within reach nipped very painfully.

—Captured in Ambrette Town.


Ability: Mega Launcher

Move Pool: Water Pulse, Water Gun, Smack Down, Vice Grip




Chao Lingshen, the Timesnatcher[/align]




Savin [Male Magmortar]

The primary source of firepower in Chao's team, Magmortar is ornery and mean-spirited. Though loyal to the Chinese genius' goals and intentions--as even he is not so callous as to want to wipe out all life on the planet--he has a tendency to develop selective hearing whenever he's told to go light on the destruction, and as such is only employed when the fecal matter has truly struck the oscillating cooling device.

Captured on Cinnabar Island.


Ability: Flame Body

Move Pool: Flame Burst, Fire Punch, Lava Plume, Fire Blast, Sunny Day, Earthquake, Thunderbolt, Flame Charge, Incinerate, Overheat



Phil [Male Arcanine]

Scout, soldier, spy, occasional fire response crew. Phil does practically anything that Chao needs him to, and this tendency is why he is named after the absurdly-popular secret agent from the Marvel cinematic universe. Eternally unflappable, Phil has the demeanor of one who has seen it all. And having been around for most of Chao's life and bearing witness to her experiments, he generally has.

Ability: Intimidate

Move Pool: Odor Sleuth, Extreme Speed, Safeguard, Facade, Hidden Power, Fire Fang, Overheat, Substitute, Retaliate, Attract



Maria [Female Houndoom]

Straightforward and no-nonsense, Maria works as part of a team with Phil. Maria is more the 'bad cop' to Phil's 'good cop' in their team, and typically is the first to engage in battle. She's also tenacious in a fight and only disengages when she's defeated her target.

Ability: Early Bird

Move Pool: Leer, Howl, Odor Sleuth, Crunch, Foul Play, Beat Up, Inferno, Fire Fang, Protect, Payback



Cassiopeia [Female Gardevoir]

The oldest of Chao's Pokémon, Cassiopeia has been with her since she was young, and has shared in every aspect of the Chinese genius' life. Aware of the future shown in Chao's nightmares, Cassiopeia is steadfast in doing what she can to help assure that future will not come to pass. To this end, she is fiercely protective of Chao, and will not let anyone near her without permission, even and especially to the point of violence.

Starter Pokémon.


Ability: Synchronize

Move Pool: Teleport, Healing Wish, Future Sight, Calm Mind, Light Screen, Protect, Safeguard, Reflect, Stored Power, Ally Switch



Poyo [Female Axew]

Recently acquired, Chao received Poyo as a gift from a classmate when she left Kanto to work as a technology researcher at the Republic of Seafoam. It is still a baby, and therefore is not technically suited for battle yet, but that hasn't stopped the little critter from trying, even though most of the time it sits on her shoulder and is obnoxiously cute.

Received from Zazie Rainyday.


Ability: Mold Breaker

Move Pool: Scratch, Leer, Assurance, Dragon Rage




Yuuna Akashi, the ODST[/align]




Volcarona [Female]

Yuuna's sole Pokémon, Volcarona serves as a multi-tool of sorts, providing offensive firepower, transportation, and intelligence-gathering as necessary. Volcarona is prideful and shares Yuuna's never-back-down personality traits; her sheer power is what allows her to not be completely overwhelmed when facing type disadvantages. Originally a stray, invasive Larvesta found on the campus of Mahora by her father, the young Yuuna--in her then-fascination with all things strange and not girly--was greatly amused by the little fire moth larva and claimed it for herself before her father could take it to a Pokémon shelter. Because of this act that saved her from potential euthanizing, Volcarona is very attached to Yuuna, and is known from time to time to travel by clinging to the back of Yuuna's armor.

Received from Professor Akashi.


Ability: Flame Body

Move Pool: Hurricane, Rage Powder, Fly, Heat Wave, Silver Wind, Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Incinerate, U-Turn, Flame Charge




Seno Nakakami, the Samurai[/align]




Feraligatr [Male]

Seno's first Pokémon, received as a Totodile from his parents, has been his companion for many years now. A ferocious combatant, Feraligatr is rude and blustery to everyone he doesn't know, snappy and wise-assed even to Seno, but for some reason, is like a giant puppy to Motoko. Despite this, his loyalty is unquestioned, as is his destructive capacity in combat. He's also Seno's HM beast.

Received in Ecruteak City.


Ability: Torrent

Move Pool: Waterfall, Rock Climb, Strength, Surf, Crunch, Whirlpool, Rock Smash, Cut, Scald, Dive



Misdreavus [Female]

Captured while visiting the Safari Zone, Misdreavus was sought out by Seno because the ghost species reminds him of sohees from Ragnarok Online. And true to the type, the one he caught just so happened to be of a shy nature, and therefore frequently hides behind him when not in her Poké ball. Especially so whenever they're within three miles of the dojo, given the school's reputation for exorcising ghosts.

Captured in the Johto Safari Zone.


Ability: Levitate

Move Pool: Power Gem, Perish Song, Grudge, Mean Look, Confuse Ray, Payback, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Flash, Hex



Hydreigon [Male]

Hydreigon was given as a gift to Seno from one of his relatives in America, knowing his like of dragons. Despite his frightening appearance, Hydreigon's actually a big softie, and very popular with the children of the dojo for taking them on short flights around the city. That does not, however, mean that he should be trifled with. Dragons are scary enough, and this is not only a multi-headed dragon, but a multi-headed dragon that acts like it belongs in Skyrim. Fast, deadly aerial strafes followed up with close in, overpowering ground combat is Hydreigon's battle order.

Received in Ecruteak City.


Ability: Levitate

Move Pool: Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Outrage, Body Slam, Crunch, Hyper Voice, Rain Dance, Flamethrower, Bulldoze



Staraptor [Female]

Staraptor was caught as a Starly while wandering in the Pewter City area...after she fell out of a tree on Seno's head. Knowing that the little bird's parents would reject her since she'd come in contact with a human, he took her in and raised her. The result is a fully-evolved Staraptor that is fiercely protective of the swordsman. She is loathe to let anyone get near him, and only just barely tolerates allowing the school's heiress to do so.

Captured in Pewter City.


Ability: Intimidate

Move Pool: Fly, Wing Attack, Double Team, Endeavor, Aerial Ace, Take Down, Close Combat, Whirlwind, Final Gambit, Brave Bird



Marowak [Male]

Acquired on a trip through Kanto's Safari Zone, this Pokémon felt a bit on the weak side for what most expect of a Marowak--even a wild one--when Seno moved to engage him. This reduced the difficulty in capturing him, though a lengthy training regimen solved that strength deficiency in short order.

Captured in Kanto Safari Zone.


Ability: Rock Head

Move Pool: Bone Club, Bonemerang, Bone Rush, Double-Edge, Endeavor, Retaliate, False Swipe, Focus Energy, Bulldoze, Dig



Luxio [Female]

Captured on the same day as Misdreavus, Luxio is essentially the only other member of the team that the ghost is comfortable with aside from Seno himself. Luxio is in that middle stage of life, no longer as rambunxious and playful as she was when younger, but not yet having that sort of regal bearing that a Luxray would. Mostly, this means that Luxio vacillates between periods of extreme hyperactivity and extreme laziness. When away from home, Luxio helps keep all his electronic devices charged.

Captured in Johto Safari Zone.


Ability: Intimidate

Move Pool: Wild Charge, Discharge, Volt Switch, Crunch, Thunder Fang, Thunderbolt, Swagger, Substitute, Light Screen, Rest



In conclusion, the coding on this forum sucks.

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Sparky the Male Furfrou: Her unorthodox starter and her second strongest Pokemon. Very energetic and Loyal, but Vain to a fault. Represents Hihimi's Puppy, Sparky.


Ariaxia the Female Liligant: Hihimi's second pokemon, Ariaxia is the main influence behind Hihimi's love of Grass Types. Very kind, even if she dances to the beat of her own drummer. Represents an NPC Sylph friend of Hihimi's from her training in the Black Shroud.


Stilettos the Doublade: Much smaller than a normal doublade, Stilettos are unique in that they will allow Hihimi to hold their hilts and share in their ghostly abilities. The most common form this power takes is to allow her to pass through walls unharmed. Has an honor-bound personality. Represents Hihimi's Rogue training.


Kekepu the Female Togekiss: Hatched from an egg, Kekepu is the team's primary method of transportation. Very kind, and refuses to actively do battle unless attacked first. Represents Hihimi's Chocobo of the same name.


Springbuck the Male Sawsbuck: Has a unique genetic mutation that prevents him from shedding his winter coat--something Hihimi is actively researching in her travels. He is very shy, and has yet to open up to the team. Not a Representation.


Pudding the Female Goodra: The newest member of the team, received in a trade with another trainer for a "sibling" of Stilettos. Likes hugs, but other than that little is known about her. Not a Representation.

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