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love the one you did for erik! >u<

I'm glad you two like it. <3


Hello! I'd like to be placed on your waiting list, if I could! :>

All yours!


And for the sweet Edda!


I'll be closing my waitlist til I get up to Aya's spot. :3 Thank you for your interest everyone!

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OHHH! ;;;;   There goes all my gil..!



....but then again... I mustn't steal every slot even were you to allow it *nervous laugh*






W-Would I be allowed to request one slot on every second opening? As in...


Offer #1

1 - K'nahli

2 - Commissioner #2

3 - Commissioner #3


Offer #2

1 - Commissioner #1

2 - Commissioner #2

3 - Commissioner #3


Offer #3

1 - K'nahli

2 - Commissioner #2

3 - Commissioner #3




Or would that still be pretty selfish? ^^ ;;   I love the idea of commissions for gil since I need to restrain myself from using RL money especially considering good artists tend to charge a lot... and I have been waiting to see such a thing from someone who uses an art style that I am find of, haha ;


In any case, good luck and keep up the beautiful work!

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