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Hello everyone!


I finally decided to join Hydaelyn Role players. I just started a fresh character on Balmung last week. To be honest I did not expect to see people so into it! Walking in Uldah's street listening to those one standing put immersing themselves in Hydaelyn was quite enjoyable so far. 


So here I am... I'll try to keep my story/background very and I mean very simple. I'm playing a male Miqu'ote named Zack Walter. He's been found laying down left for dead by Uldah's gate. All he was carrying was a backpack with food & gils with a name tag on it. You can guess, the name's Zack Walter. Of course he doesn't recall his past, and all he's been doing is struggling to survive by working for the gladiator's guild. That's basically it... I want to update his story as I play the game and meet new players. Now for his attitude, Zack is timid, insecure & a hard worker. He will have problem to integrate himself to new groups due to his insecurity. As time will go on, he will change and evolve with his story. 



So my final word is ''Nice too meet you all!''

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Welcome to the forums and, of course, Balmung!


I hope you have a great time and get to meet many new people to help develop your character's story. It's definitely an interesting plot and I'm sure there are tons of things you and others can do with such a situation. I'd really like to create a character who suffers from amnesia at some point myself, whether it be in this game or another - and you've kind of revitalized my imagination on that topic now, haha.


In any case, good luck! ^^

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