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[EU-Friendly] Mid-Moon Meanders Market Meet-up (TIME UPDATE)

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IC - Posters in every City State as well as around the Silver Bazaar. 


Do you have something to sell? Do you run a business, an organisation? Do you want more contacts, customers and profit? Are you looking for work? 


Then visit the Mid-Moon Meanders Market Meet-up! 


This is the perfect opportunity to come and mingle, strike a conversation, a bargain and meet people within your field of work. There will be ample opportunity for businesses to showcase their goods, for mercenaries to tell of their skills and even to find work, should you lack something to put your hands to. 


You can find the happening in the middle of Silver Bazaar, on the 14th sun of the Second Astral Moon, starting at 2 PM! We hope to see as many as possible there. 


Any questions can be directed at Nailah Quill.





Hello everyone! 

It is event time again - Together with Jikam from HoD we are trying to shape up an event in the meet-and-greet style, to create a nice atmosphere for both new and old roleplayers to meet with each other, where one can also get in touch with Eorzeas many organisations, business and the likes. All in an effort to create more RP and connections for everyone that attends :) 


In an effort to make the timezones meet in the middle, the time and day have been selected as being: 

Attention: Updated times due to Daylight Savings!

Saturday the 14th of March at 3PM PDT/6PM EDT/ 10PM GMT 

Location: Center of Silver Bazaar, Western Thanalan.





The estimated duration will be about three hours. 

The event is open to everyone. 


For organisation tops/traders etc: 

In order to make the event a little easier to manage, I'd love to hear from organisations/traders etc if they plan on coming either via IC or OOC means, so I know who to keep an eye out for. Just about any organisation and heck, even lone mercenaries are more than welcome to come and talk about their goals and skills, whilst trading folk can set up shop and get new costumers. The idea is that we'll have people placed along on the road leading into the area as well as on the benches around the circle-bit which you can see on the picture.


For everyone else: Just bring yourself and don't be shy!


If you have any questions do not be afraid to ask! :) Feedback is also appreciated. 

Looking forward to seeing people there!

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Sounds great!  Jackal & Hide will be there in some form or capacity, either to peruse these showcased goods, or maybe to try and strike up some more trading deals.


It's a bit late, perhaps, but being a Saturday that shouldn't be as much of an issue, so even that's covered... good stuff! :3

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This is a great idea and I love that location it screams out for more RP there.


I shall be swaggering along, no doubt with some freshly landed cargo, hot for sale.

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Not long now! 


I have updated the times for the event, as Daylight Savings has rolled into effect in the states but not here in the EU, putting you guys an hour more ahead than us until we catch up.

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