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Claire Fialo, Events Coordinator and Appointment Setter

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Hrm, I'm pretty sure I can squeeze you in here....


Hey you!


Yes, you! Have you ever found yourself incredibly short staffed at your FC/LS/Private backyard BBQ shindig event?


Have you ever been wandering the back roads of Gridania, singing; 'Oh woe is me, I'm so ronerrrryyyy!!!!!'


Then you need to contact Claire Fialo ASAP! Claire is a professional events coordinator seeking to assist and establish connections throughout Eorzea, to promote and advertise YOUR event, doing much of the (IC only) dirty work for you! Do you need guards to keep the peace at your pumpkin pie throwing contest? Claire will get those for you! Do you need healers on hand in case the wacky shenanigans of your 'hold my ale and watch this' hare-brained scheme leads to broken limbs and an angry mob? Claire can get those for you! All you need to do is setup a time to lay out your idea to her, and then watch her go and try and get everything whipped up into a shining, pristine gala! **


**Results may vary


On a more personal note, do you find yourself poking a stick in the dirt because you haven't anything better to do with your time? You do? Well what in the seven hells did that dirt ever do to you? Get a grip, jeez! Put that stick down and ring up Claire Fialo today! As an Appointment Setter, she can try to hook you up with friends, dates, adventurer parties, or romantic rendevouz' with that little chocobo you've been eyeing down the street. Claire doesn't judge.... much... >_>


She'll record your information in her book, and if a similar party expresses similar interests to her, she'll wind you up, and set you off into the Eorzean wilderness with a pat on the back and a 'good luck, you're gonna need it out there!' smile. So what are you waiting for!!??? Send /tell today!


What is this, I don't even...: ICly, Claire is there at your disposal to try and help you run events, and or help set up connections for your character. However, I have the right to refuse, OOCly, any appointments based on time considerations, poor treatment on the other player's side, drama, or otherwise negative interaction. ICly, Claire has the right to refuse if she is swamped, overbooked, or does not believe in your cause (she would not support a Lalafell tossing competition, for example.)


So how do I contact you?: PM me here, send tell in game, or respond to this thread. Let's get some social engagements underway!


So.... is this a dating service too?: Not exactly. If you approach Claire looking for paramour, then she will do her best to accommodate (and perhaps put the 'date' in accommodate ;).. you're welcome, feel free to use that one, free of charge) but that is not the main duties of her job. Though of course, every effort will be made to make her clientele happy.


Does it cost money?: ICly, yes. OOCly, no.


Any restrictions?: These are meant to be social engagements only. Please do not try to include Claire in your evil plans of kidnapping all the Miqo's so you can set up a Shroud based sweat shop in which us poor cat people are forced to make, for 16 hours a day, new pairs of socks for your free company, because their feet are cold. If you are looking for heavier, story based rp, then this is not the place. Though certainly, with some OOC pre-planning, I may be open to that as well (the heavier rp stuff, not the Miqo sweat shop).


That's all! Thanks for stopping by, and hope to hear from some of you!

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Oooh just spotted this, I think you are great for offering this *hugs*


I love making event prep an RP thing, after all why just RP at the event? 


I hope to do some business.

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