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  1. I'm European, still playing on Balmung, got no issues at all even after the servers moved. I got a good connection, but a rather old laptop I'm playing on, yet it's working fine for me.
  2. I guess this was the wrong place to ask this. Ah well, it was worth a shot. Thanks anyways.
  3. Hey all. I was one of the RP'ers who had a blog on Tumblr back in the day, but since the whole debacle December 2018, I left Tumblr out of principle. And I've been happy with that decision, because I didn't want to support the site and the changes to the platform, as it harmed a lot of people I was connected with on there. However since then, I haven't had a platform to express my FFXIV stuff on. Thought about making a new Twitter account that is dedicated to my FFXIV activities, but Twitter as a platform feels very limited in comparison to Tumblr, which was just so eas
  4. I absolutely love the caster set. Not all that interested in the odd stag-mask, but the rest looks awesome. I don't care about the healer outfit one bit though.
  5. You are correct that mages draw glyphs, symbols, and incantations upon their clothing and foci to aid in the channeling of their magicks. That said, drawing such symbols into ones' skin is, as yet, within the realm of headcanon. Theoretically, it is possible! On the other hand, it could potentially be quite dangerous to the caster to draw such powerful energies down/through/across their actual skin. I actually have a very in depth lore post on this very topic that might help you out! Lemme know if you have more questions! ^^ Awesome, thanks for responding! I will keep it o
  6. I just wonder if this is a thing in FFXIV. I believe to have read... somewhere... that mages write in magic runes in their clothing to aid their spellcasting and/or to protect them, as heavier armour inhibits the spellcasting, and also into their foci to enhance their, well, focus and spells. Am I right in this? But I wonder... can such runes and glyphs be carved into their own flesh for different effects? Such as maybe balancing of their personal aether or protection of it, stuff like that. Maybe to aid their focus as well. If there are any lore-keepers on here who can confirm
  7. My only complaint... ANOTHER FREAKING DRAGON?!?! I AM SO SICK OF DRAGONS!!! But other than that, it was cool. :3 Can't wait for Stormblood. ^^
  8. Saw this as a tumblr post just a few days ago... My response was that I love to build up relationships from the ground with people, RP'ing out their first meeting and then go from there. And you're missing out on that if you're making pre-established relationships. So it's not something I've dabbled with alot.
  9. Do you think that was hinting at what the RDM Limit Break might be? Since I'd assume it's going to be an AoE one and not single target or line. Honestly, that would be a bit boring... I hope SE comes up with something a bit more fun and creative for the Red Mage's Limit Break. ^^
  10. Yeah, as soon we saw that cutscene, I screamed YAAAAAAAASSS!!! RED MAGE!!! So glad it actually turned out to be a thing. ^^
  11. I am honestly starved for Red Mage info as well. All we know is a few basic informations and that they share Caster gear... that's about it. Hopefully we will learn more in the coming months up to Stormblood's release.
  12. I'm not sure what the intention was with this thread... OP posts how he's experienced the theme of "rape" is handled in the game. And then alot of people prove him wrong with posting examples of how it actually is in-game. And yet, OP clings on to his views instead of accepting it, and calls it "drama"... But... why though? I love to learn about the world of Eorzea, and so many awesome people on here knows about all this stuff and can provide sources on the info. I think it's amazing that there are people who are willing to dedicate their time on this and educate those
  13. FFXIV touches upon ALOT of serious subjects, just by hinting it through various NPC's around the world. Abuse, suicide, all that good and dark stuff. I'm sure something as rape is also mentioned or implied somewhere in the game already. Yup. Go run Sastasha. Oh right, already at the very first dungeon we see those women kidnapped and abused by the pirates. So there you go.
  14. FFXIV touches upon ALOT of serious subjects, just by hinting it through various NPC's around the world. Abuse, suicide, all that good and dark stuff. I'm sure something as rape is also mentioned or implied somewhere in the game already.
  15. :l Is that really a thing? Do people legit get that mad about not wanting to RP some gross offensive stereotype? Balmung. What. I've had that happen to me across several MMO's... not just on Balmung. They wanna play out the uke/seme fantasy... That said, just with everything else, I've also met people who are above such things, people who are nice and awesome and not judgemental like that. Those are the people I've had some good experiences with. ^^
  16. I like to balance on the middle. Taking a bit from stereotypes and throw in something original. On the outside, my characters can appear rather stereotypical... the rowdy rogue from Limsa who likes to drink and sleep around, or the schooled arcanist from a rich family who seems to be somewhat arrogant in his approach... but dig deeper, get to know them, and they're actually quite different than what they appear to be. I'm not doing good with pure stereotypes... especially not amongst the gay community. There's alot of assumptions going on there, and most people play already cookie-cu
  17. Just Corin doing some cosplaying of Ghirahim from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword... If Red Mage uses Caster gear, then he'll even get his sword! ;P
  18. Slowly building up my new main and trying out different looks for him. I REALLY love the Shire Coat of Casting. <3 Original look: Tried blonde hair and red coat (because he will be a Red Mage): Tried making him a silver daddy, but OMG he looked like Santa! And my most recent look. Happy Valentione. <3
  19. I know I've said this a handful of times before on this forum, but I am of the mind that people can RP whatever they want. Want to be a dragon in disguise as a Garlean lalafell who is possessed by a Voidsent and has vampiric tendencies? Go ahead! Do whatever you like! And hopefully you will find some fellow RP'ers who accept whatever you RP and that you have fun together! HOWEVER! You should never assume people will accept what you RP if you step out of the lore. There are people who would never even acknowledge your existence if you RP as a character who is something else than what the lore
  20. Rhalgr... it's gonna be Rhalgr... He might look like a griffin though. But yeah, Ilberd said he would summon a god, because a primal is just not good enough... and seeing he is a Highlander and he needs a god of war to do... war... stuff... then Rhalgr is the most likely answer.
  21. I couldn't stop giggling immaturely at this line... Ah, Yda...
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