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    A group of treasure hunters with a professional passion for drinking!

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    Goodness Gracious that is a wordy title! Maybe we can acronym it up a bit. Hm yeah, nah, that isn't going to work out at all is it. Anyways! I can't figure out the formatting here so it's all one giant paragraph but let's get started, use your super awesome RP powers to imagine appropriate paragraphical breaks! Hey all! Hyperion is about the coolest darn server! We've got us, we've got you, we've got about a dozen other groups too! Without specifying group names, and without even doing my due diligence as to whether or not they even exist I'm going to take a moment to list what we almost definitely have, not because I know it firsthand, but because we're cool enough how could we not?! We have brothels, adventurers hubs, gambling dens in Mor Dhona, we've got maids, tea houses, rowdy bars, lominsan pirate groups, probably a lizard fighting club or two! We've almost definitely got world RP (I know I've seen it at least once!) and the best part is, if it doesn't exist, we can make it! All of us together in on this glorious mob of creativity! Please look forward to it! To make a public statement! I am not pretending or intending to be in charge of anyone, nor am I trying to be more than a rallying flag to plant in the ground of this website to let our voices as a collective known! If anyone else wants to hop on in and take to joining the party by all means! This is about us as a whole, not me! I just put Tepe's Treasures as the starting point because that's who I am! When we start getting other groups in on this we can really start padding and specifying other names.

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    Workspace for the Balmung RP Event Calendar

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