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  1. Styrm decided not to push to hard just then. He'd gotten the lad talking, and that was better than nothing. He'd let him skip the less important questions just then, if it kept his lips loose. "Th'Eyriberk's not so seaworthy these days, an' most o' th'old crew's gone off an' afar. An' Ahldbyrm, well..." he trailed off. "Don't work that ship no more, nay."
  2. A new alt has been born. Her name is Schaala Qestir.
  3. The emphasis above is mine, and please don't think I'm just trying to nitpick, Nero, because in your follow-up comment on the next page, I think that you make a pretty good point. That being said, I think the bolded section is actually not true. It can work like that, but it very often does not. I am mixed-race and live in Texas, where being mixed-race is incredibly common. And yet, everywhere I look, including within my own mixed-race family, the idea of "mingling cultures" and "different races and customs" is an incredibly fraught subject. The racism of my region and, to a degree,
  4. The thought has occurred to me, but I already have a character with a fairy, so I wanted to work with something else. Not an IC summoner, necessarily, but I thought I could somehow make use of the egi sprites as stand-ins. At this point I'm trying to come up with some ideas to try to salvage the concept since it occurred to me with an elemental and that's not really an option now that I've learned more about them.
  5. ^I enjoyed reading all of that, but I was looking for something more specifically/explicitly present on Hydaelyn. My first idea was for it to be some manner of elemental, but in the lore that would be too limiting, so I'm looking for other spirits/aether-based beings actually capable of ready communication with mortals.
  6. I'm not much of a self-bumper, but I am still brainstorming and wanted to give the thread another chance for some responses that could help me come up with the nature of my Xaela's spirit companion.
  7. *Casts Awaken on thread* So now that AST is actually playable and we've all had a little time with it, I wanted to revisit this topic and see how people are actually using the cards (and other astromantic elements) in their RP. I'm particularly interested in how people are working with the six Major Arcana that we've actually been given in-game (Arrow, Balance, Bole, Ewer, Spear, and Spire), but please share whatever it is you're doing, constellations or no. *Note to mods: I didn't want to clutter the forum, but if you feel it's a better way to do things, feel free to split the t
  8. ^Yep, that's what I was looking for.
  9. Like others have said, there's a gemstone component to summoning Carbuncle specifically, but more generally arcanima is the use of enchanted ink to draw mystic geometric symbols which direct aether in certain ways. So there's a geometric design that causes aether to shoot out as a bolt (e.g. Ruin) and other designs cause aether to knit wounds (e.g. Physick) and others, along with the gemstone element, bring forth a self-sustaining aetheric construct (i.e. Summon I and II). Writ very simply, it is the use of math to do magic, whereas other DoMs have other rituals/triggers to do magic.
  10. "Gods, been up too long, ain't bein' clear. Not a soul let me keep me name, it's them what named me. Ship's crew, o' th'Eyriberk, an' th'toughest Sea Wolf ye e'er saw: Ahldbyrm Ankasyn. 'S them an' him gave Styrm 'is name. " Through his clear and mounting exhaustion, a note of life or something like it carried through his voice as he spoke of the Eyriberk and of Ahldbyrm. "An' a damn good name, it is," he added. He glanced down at the boy then and said through lips hinting at a smile, "Who gave ye yers, Brindle, if it weren't 'er what birthed ye?"
  11. That's all an interesting take that I hadn't considered. I noticed the parallels with the chakra, but I thought the Seven Heavens were more in keeping with the geocentric, Ptolemaic model, with there being on average seven translunary realms between the moon and the Primum Mobile. I also took the planispheres and star globes to be more inspired by historical astrolabes and planispheres of astronomers and mariners with a more fantastical three-dimensional design. Those being my thoughts, I naturally associated the cards with the historical tarot, but your insight is interesting and Lolotaru
  12. The pause before his response was brief, enough so as to almost pass unnoticed. Almost. "Nay, ain't e'er looked t'change it. Don't care t'disrespect th'men what gave it t'me, an' it fits me besides." He looked ahead as he spoke and continued to walk.
  13. So we know that the Arrow, Balance, Bole, Ewer, Spear, and Spire are the major arcana of the Sharlayan tarot (or whatever you want to cal it). I was wondering meta-textually if any of these correspond at all clearly with the real-world tarot, the Tarot de Marseille. That is to say, the Spire pretty clearly resembles the Tower of Earth's tarot, so I wanted to know if the other five had clear inspirations in that vein and, if so, what those cards mean or how they're typically interpreted. I know some people are using the actual tarot in their RP, and that's cool, but for us laymen who t
  14. Styrmsthal stopped in his tracks. He cocked his head--Taru--and laughed. "No one's e'er thought t'ask me that. Storm-steel, Son of the Cyclone in Eorzean, it is." His voice seemed to swell and his posture straightened perceptibly. "And yers? Yer mammy call ye Brindle?"
  15. "Ye gods, he speaks!" Styrm gasped in mock surprise. "Thought yer tongue must've fallen out some way back," he added with a chuckle, distracted and halfhearted. They were both silent a moment, Styrm's heavy feet stomping irregularly with weariness and the mounting dead weight of the boy. He sighed heavily at last. "Styrmsthal Tyrbsyn's th'name, laddie."
  16. Through gritted teeth a low growl issued. "Ye'll be makin' me drag each an' e'ery godsdamned word outta yer mouth then, will ye? Suits me jus' fine. The Highness was first on th'list; we'll sniff 'round 'er other spots an' if th'last ones are lookin' fer ye, well, they'll find me too an' that's jus' fine." He hoisted the boy effortlessly under his arm and began to walk in the direction of the next location Solitaire had given him. "Aye, jus' fine." A small crowd leaked out of the tavern behind them. Some were curious, some were concerned, most had to piss. Styrm and the boy did no
  17. The big roe snorted at the boy. "Hnk! Th'beatin' worked jus' fine; I've got ye! Didn't dus' me, now did ye?" Then, his eyes narrowed and he breathed in, a long, deep draw. "Whaddaya mean "th'last ones," eh?
  18. Styrm's brow furrowed, deep ripples like canyons forming across the expanse of his forehead. "Styrm's no liar, lad. None too delicate, either. Made whole heaps o' noise this night," he said with a wave of the rag. "Much an' more around yer person. That in mind, we both know I ain't th'one an' only lookin' after yer Kink, so if ye don't wanna help th'lass, help yerself. Styrm can protect ye--th'both o' ye--jus' so long as I got ye with me." A wan smile painted itself across his face, goofy stretched across his huge features, but his tired eyes plead with the boy and with whatever g
  19. The boy hadn't taken the rag, so Styrm dabbed it on his face, wiping away some of the blood and grime. "C'mon now, laddie," he groaned. "We both o' us know th'chair didn't 'it ye quite so hard. Kink, Joz, the lass wi' th'busted tail, moves jus' like ye. I'm short time an' gil an' she's like t'be shorter still, so help 'er out an' tell ol' Styrm where she lies low." He almost shook the boy. "Please an' quick."
  20. Like everyone and their mom, I'm putting together ideas for an Au Ra alt or two. One of my nascent character concepts is a Xaela, and she's a Qestir. I've seen a few hardmode players here and there and I like the creativity in emoting that it forces, but she'll be a clever girl and have a sort of technical workaround. She'll be a summoner OOC and use the egi sprites as...some sort of elemental or sprite or familiar spirit that will be able to speak for her. What I need help with is brainstorming some ideas for what exactly that familiar spirit may be, and which the Ifrit-egi sprite*,
  21. So that raises the follow-up question: are there Hearers outside of the Shroud? Discounting the WoL, are Hearers a phenomenon apart from the Pact of Gelmorra? Could some random Xaela out on the steppes of Othard be born with the ability to communicate with the elementals or is the concept tied to Gridania?
  22. Casting [insert preferred rez here] on the thread to avoid cluttering the forums. I have a question, and I put it to you all. You've not let me down yet. We know that Hearers perform the vital function of...well...hearing the elementals in the Shroud, and we know that elementals exist all over the world, but they're the most vocal and...er...active(?) in the Shroud. My question is, do all elementals actually require Hearers to communicate with mortals or can an elemental manifest itself willfully enough to speak directly to mortals without an intermediary? Thanks folks!
  23. Hello and welcome, first off. Forum-based RP is all over the place here. My longest running story has played out exclusively on the forums and our characters have never met in-game, so that's fine. And it's a great way to create a whole cast of characters without having to save slots for a million alts. Basically, as long as people are excellent to each other, you can pretty much interact with others however you like.
  24. Styrm initially registered the impact with relief, followed closely by concern, then a dawning awareness of the suddenly charged atmosphere in the room. "'At'll be all th'hurtin' I'm lookin' t'do tonight," he said to the agitated crowd as he walked over to the boy clutching his face on the floor. The roegadyn clutching the boy's torn shirt stepped between the two. "Ye'll not be wantin' t'fight me jus' now, laddie," Styrm intoned. "Any other night we'll scuffle friendly, but this night I've no more time fer breakin' bones." The other roegadyn stepped aside. Styrm stooped to grab t
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