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  1. The Sharlayan colony west of Dravania was abandoned 20 years ago after the fall of Ala Mhigo and peace negotiations between Sharlayan and Garlemald failed. I thought I remembered that being the case. That's why reference to "ancient" Sharlayan ruins confuses me. I don't know when the colony was founded, but if it was only abandoned 20 years ago I'd hardly call that ancient. So, either the colony was founded very, very long ago and was riddled with older architecture that was already "ruined" before the Sharlayans decided to abandon it or that wasn't the first Sharlayan colony and o
  2. Right. That's true and possibly confuses my question somewhat, but I'm not asking anything about the island nation of Sharlayan, just the timing of their defunct Eorzean colony.
  3. Okay, I don't have the info in front of me, but I thought that the Sharlayan colony on the Aldenard mainland was more recently abandoned (within the last few years, a couple of decades at the most), but the above quote makes it look like the Eorzean Sharlayan is ancient history. Anyone able to clarify?
  4. As someone who really doesn't go in for the concept of fate/destiny, but who is really interested and invested in AST, I have a different take on it. And I know they use the word "fate" in the description, but I'd argue that it's something of a misnomer, because "fate" and "fortune" are not the same thing. In Medieval astrology, "Fortune" and the heavens were not necessarily indicators of "fate" or "destiny" as such, they merely exerted an influence. So, someone born under Saturn could reasonably be expected (so went the theory) to exhibit saturnine qualities (that is to say melanch
  5. With every new detail he learned, Styrm wanted to yell. What in th'ells 'ave ye got yerself into, Jozzie? he thought in silent lament. "There's a lad ye'll be wantin' t'corner," he heard the barman say and his hands clenched reflexively around his mug. In a quieter room, a quiet crack would have been heard; not so much as to shatter and spill, but the glass would leak. Styrm took a swig and wiped his wet hand on his pants. He had littler money than he'd like after Solitaire's fleecing, but he removed what remained to him and slid it across the bar. "Aye? Who's 'at an' what hole'
  6. My alts will typically be all the bizarre, inhuman colors that I don't get to see in everyday life, but my mains tend to (tend to, mind you) be a sort of darker olive which, incidentally, is my skin color. I'll almost never play regular "human" races (no offense, hyurs; I still love you), and don't necessarily gravitate toward characters of my own sex, but skin (and to a lesser degree hair) do resemble my own more often than not. I don't know if it's simply what I most identify with or that that's what I find most pleasing, aesthetically speaking (no offense, friends of other colors, shades,
  7. "Oh thank the gods," Styrm muttered. Here was another man without the patience for all the slinking and the bullshit that one waded through in lowtown. He'd have to come back another night to get properly drunk with the old codger, but tonight wasn't the night. "Lookin' fer the girl, heard tell she's not unknown t'this lot. Trouble loves her, he does, an' it's better I'm the one what finds 'er first." He nodded at the space before him at that. The man looked like to talk, so he'd have that drink. Deal's a deal an' drink's a drink.
  8. So I'm pretty late to this party, but I read your post a couple of days ago and left a tab open so I wouldn't forget to respond. From your description and your wiki, I think that Reima and Lolotaru would have quite a lot in common. My actual time in-game is a little wonky, but I am around and I'm more than happy to play things out on these here forums as well, so feel free to hit me up in-game or PM me. Other than that, welcome!
  9. Oh Sounsyy, we can always count on you. I figured details were scant, so I'll play the waiting game, but thanks for all the info you were able to offer. A follow-up: would those Northern Isles be the same as the Sea Wolf homeland? Not Sharlayan specifically, but would it be a part of the same island chain or archipelago that gave us our big salty roegadyns?
  10. Alright, I know everyone is at a fever-pitch regarding the paucity of concrete lore around Heavensward and the new jobs...and so am I. I have no judgment or counsel to offer. But I at least would like to get as much of it in one place, for myself, as I'm able. As I see it, there are two (maybe two-and-a-half) major (major!) lore areas where I'm uncertain/foggy when it comes to what little we know about astologians. 1) Sharlayan: Astrologians aren't Ishgardian! Who knew? I know very little of Sharlayan's history beyond a vague idea of where the island is and that it is, more or l
  11. Styrmsthal Tyrbsyn neither knew nor cared what the hour was when he walked into the plank into the open berth of the Highness. He glanced around, taking in the none-too-thin crowd. There were all sorts, nothing unexpected, no one stood out. Old bald-pate codgers spitting rough words through missing teeth under bulbous noses red with drink; hard men safe for a night from the sea, flush with coin; whores full and flat, young and not-so-young, ripe and sour. Hells, one boy to the side held his ribs like they'd fall out otherwise. Fresh beaten, that 'un. He couldn't fathom wh
  12. Styrm knit his brow, exerting himself to commit each location to memory. When the man put his hand out, he stared at it in confusion. He pushed the bag on the table forward and rose to leave. "Ye best 'ope I find 'er, man. Like it or not, an' I certainly don't, yer the best lead I've got, ye are." He patted the man on the shoulder none too gently and moved to take his leave. He wondered, out and about or tucked in somewhere? It was late, but this Kink didn't sound the sort to avoid the late hours. The Highness, the man had said. He'd start there.
  13. "Shiva's icy teats, ye shite! Ain't fleeced me full enough fer one night?" he whined. He waved his hand dismissively, resigned. "Fine, 'at's not why we're jawin', anyroad. Stay er go, ye've wasted enough o' me moonlight an' I'll be takin' direction an' me leave, soon as ye unbutton that slobbery smirk ye're wearin'." He painted on a smirk of his own, droopy with exasperation.
  14. "Jus' shy of, feels like," Styrm said as he slumped back into the chair across the table and laid a bag on it, kicking up dust already settled in his absence. "Now, let's go meet Jo--" He ran his hands across his face then stared at the hyur. "Kink. We're off t'meet Kink. An' if we don't turn 'er up, we'll visit this Yaya-whosit character." He caught a glimpse through tired eyes of the man's fraying patience. "'Ey, chin up, man." He tapped the table. "Gil's tradin' hands an' t'night looks to be excitin'."
  15. Dark and dusty, the room. Broken slats formed stained walls and middling rugs were tossed soggily over ever damp spots on the cold stone floor. At the back of the room sat a table and on the table sat a candle. Its pale flame was the only illumination in that dark corner of the ruined room; nonetheless, the shadow it cast was a long one, and a dark one. The tabletop was strewn with parchment, crumpled or otherwise, all scarred with scribbles, indecipherable symbols, apparent nonsense. His small hand trembled slightly as it traced charcoal scratches over dry, thirsty paper, edges bakin
  16. I've had the pleasure of meeting almost none of you directly, so, my list would necessarily be wide open. -There are members of my own FC that I've not really met IC (I still love you, Wizards!). -I'd love to interact with Zhavi in-game, but we're already in a serious time bubble (which I love and which will never die ahahahahaha!). -That being said, I'd also love for Lolo or Styrm to actually meet some of the other individuals in Zhi's pool of forum RPers, what with our names popping up in each other's stories. -And Lolo and Kinono will have to meet eventually; they can't j
  17. Styrmsthal rubbed his eyes and sighed, a great gusty exhalation. Finally he'd caught a thread, but he was unnerved by the dark places it surely lead. "Aye, aye, 'pay afore play' an' th'like. Ye'll wait fer me, an' ye'll wait right 'ere," and he jammed his finger against the creaking, whining table. "I come back t'an empty chair, an' I'll be tearin' this 'ole town down aroun' yer godsspitin' 'ead, I will." He tapped the side of his head then and said, "Yers ain't a face I'm like t'be forgettin'." He stood up and stomped outside, disappearing back into the foggy dark like a mou
  18. "Godsdammit!" he barked as he slapped his hands against the table, cracks suddenly appearing and worming their way through the wood, dust and splinters clouding the air between them. "I ain't tryin' to con ye, ye jackal," he growled, a rolling rumble after the thunder-crack against the table. "I say I'm good fer it an' I mean it. Now, you can be gettin' yer money tomorrow or I can drag yer thrice-damned arse 'cross town with me an' pay ye tonight, but one way or another yer tellin' me what's what!"
  19. Oh, I really like this idea. I'll see if Lolo can make it. That's usually around the time I'm logging off, but I may be able to stretch it to attend a little while at least.
  20. Shite he thought. Shitin' shite on a shite. He wants the coin now? "I ain't fool enough t'go cartin' so much coin 'round 'ere, but ye'll be gettin' it sure enough." He paused a moment then slowly loosened his grip, releasing the hyur's hand. "Now, laddie, tell me somethin' I can use. Pretty please." He held his breath.
  21. Seeing the man's trapped wiliness, feeling his pulse through his clammy hand, Styrm almost smiled; a sardonic thing, crueler than the wry look he usually wore. Then he stopped. He didn't like where this was going and he didn't like what he was doing. He'd worked dirty business before, but he wasn't a face man. His interactions were simpler, more honest: hit back.Dancing like this required finesse and cleverness. Taru'd handle it better. His grip tightened. He regained his composure. "Ne'er planted one on a lass so flat an' foul an' ain't lookin' t'start now," he int
  22. Don't worry about the wait. When do we need to supply more details? In a PM now or later on when you're ready to start working on the piece?
  23. Everything looks full up but I'd love to go on the waiting list for the waiting list. I love your chibi lalafells. Really great work, and creative.
  24. Aye, they were talking about the same girl. Styrm didn't know whether to feel relieved or more worried. He didn't care what the man knew about Joz, only where he could find her. But then again, maybe knowing more about her would help him find her. But where would he come up with the gil? With Taru missing, he couldn't come up with that sum on short notice. He considered bluffing, then thought better of it. "Can' pay ye seven-hunnerd, ye git, but I can promise to meet ye half way on the coin...an' not t'go breaking your hands--," he said as his own shot forward, seeking to close
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