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  1. So if Hydaelyn's protection is what keeps us from being tempered and not the Echo (meaning Minfilia was mistaken), and Ifrit likened her protection to tempering (i.e. he couldn't temper us because we were already claimed/tempered), then what does Midgardsormr's action mean about the assumed permanence of tempering?
  2. When would she stream it? That could be very cool.
  3. So there's a pop culture website that I've long frequented. I started commenting way, way back when and the contributors and commenters are the cat's pajamas. It's called Pajiba, but that's not important. Several years ago one of the commenters died fighting leukemia while doing an epic book-reading marathon with a friend, another personality on the site. She was AlabamaPink, and she was our Warrior Queen. The Cannonball Read (as it was called (and still is)) was completed by her friend and resurrected the following year. It's gone through a lot of iterations between then and now, an
  4. First of all, I love this idea. Win or lose, thanks to you and your friend for trying to involve the community in something creative! [align=left] Name: Lolotaru Lalataru World: Balmung Character main class/job/role: Arcanist/Scholar/student/professor/researcher/etc. Cards: The Magician (3), The Hierophant (2), or The Hermit (1) Reason for Card choice: In the case of the Magician, the nimbus of knowledge and the the ability to see beyond plain physical manifestation are reflective of Lolo's pursuit of a universal aetheric theory, none of which is nearly so divorced from his ego
  5. Styrm was confused. He'd expected his threat to rattle the bastard harder than that. Be smart, Styrm, he thought to himself. What would Taru do? The thought worried him. He judged the distance from his hands to Solitaire's own, deciding whether or not to grab him. But no, he didn't want to cause a scene just yet. Still leaning forward, still tense, he asked the man a question. "How's a man t'know we're even talkin' 'bout th'same lil' kitten? Jozzie can't be th'only girl 'round with a roughed up tail."
  6. Styrmsthal Tyrbsyn hated these games. Each subsequent word from the hyur seemed to sound from further and further away as the rushing of his blood filled his ears. He was uncomfortable, he was embarrassed, he was impatient, and he was tired. So tired. His normally thick skin wore perilously thin and any remnants of his geniality finally evaporated before that toothsome, shit-eating sneer. "Jus' a runner," he mumbled as a smile, hollow and mirthless, cracked his lips. He sighed through it, "'Nough o' this shite." He spread his hands out then over the table, his long arms taking t
  7. Styrmsthal Tyrbsyn sat uncomfortably in the shadowy back end of a bar in the uncomfortable, shadowy back end of town. He was not practiced in intrigue, however many intriguing sorts he did business with. Big man for big work was his byline and no one wanted a screaming battleaxe for quiet, precise work. And so he sat and he waited. Sitting there cloaked in smoke and darkness, anyone else may have looked subtle, serpentine, a denizen of the darker sub-city that underpinned Lominsan history and economy. But not Styrmsthal. He looked like a man trying to look like a more mysterious man. He
  8. Sweet mother of balls, I know next to nothing of this Astrologian, but Lolo needs that outfit and that FABULOUS FUCKING ASTROLABE! Mrrgrrlglglrrrr!
  9. I'll throw Lolo and/or K'ahji into the ring. K'ahji doesn't have a wiki yet, though, so I hope that's not a problem.
  10. This calls to mind something Fernehalwes said about the Ramuh battle lyrics in Old High Sylphic: If you follow the link and read his breakdown of the lyrics there, some of the lines really don't match up after localizing and re-poeticizing them, so without a clue or something from Fern, we may be grasping at straws. Of course, all that just makes it even more fun, and far be it from me, amateur linguist that I am, to discourage anyone. So do carry on.
  11. Styrmsthal Tyrbsyn walked darker streets than was his own custom. Away from the rowdy stretches off the docks, lower than Barnacles' Reach, districts blighted with resentment and spite where every word was equal parts whisper and spit. No word among the wealthy, no word among the poor, no word he understood from mainlanders and foreigners; these were the last places to look and the last places to hope to find her. There was very little air in those environs and what wind did blow seemed composed of a breeze of rumors and threats. Styrm, somewhat injudiciously, added rumors of his own
  12. http://i.imgur.com/CwSZp5j.png[/img] Oh man, this is so great. Lolo!
  13. "What d'ye mean, 'e's gone?" Styrmsthal near bellowed. "Told me t'meet 'im 'ere, 'e did!" Once, Felijha would have cowered, but Styrm didn't intimidate her anymore. "As I told you, Mr. Tyrbsyn, Mr. Lalataru left word to place all outstanding business on hold and simply run Kodu Co.'s routine tasks and--" "Lemme see th'note," he interrupted. Felijha shrugged and rolled her great Keeper eyes and handed him the note. It wouldn't give away any important company details and she knew the boss and Tyrbsyn were close. Styrm's eyes narrowed and darted over the scant lines of text. Gone
  14. Consciousness came slowly to Lolo that morning. His eyes felt dry, his neck stiff, and the muscles of his jaw felt raw while his teeth ached. He'd ground them in his sleep. He'd no idea how long he'd slept, but he barely felt rested at all. He slipped slowly down from the chair, joints cracking and popping loudly as his body roused itself. He stopped and was quiet. He hoped he hadn't woken the girl. He was sure she'd need to rest longer than even he did. He peeked around the side of the chair at the bed and full awareness came upon him suddenly. She was gone. Calm down, he th
  15. The majority of my many alts have very considered names, most of which call back to older/former characters from other games and MMOs. Actually, so does my forum name. But my main has the most thought-out name. My first MMO was FFXI, but my toon's name was dumb and not worth mentioning. Still, the tarutaru left an impression, hence the back half of Lolotaru Lalataru's names. The rest just seemed the most sonorous of the many, many combinations of syllables I tested out, was relatively easy to pronounce in a variety of accents and, to me at least, had a certain sense of completeness to it
  16. Lolotaru could always fall asleep. Often, sleep was not an entirely restful affair, plagued by vivid dreams or simply hamstrung by the tension of his waking hours, but he was always able to fall asleep. Still, any other night he may have been roused by the girl's temerity. But that night, uncommonly exhausted and fallen deep into the grip of a powerful nightmare, he simply slouched further and began to snore lightly. His grip on the book did not loosen, nor did it tighten, but remained static and largely unresponsive to its careful removal.
  17. Lolo but nodded sleepily as Joz climbed into bed. He turned the chair to face the door and made himself comfortable. Gods, he was tired, and felt as though he hadn't slept for days. Not well, at least. He still had so many questions; there were inconsistencies that needed reconciling and responsible parties to identify. And to deal with. No, he thought as sleep overtook him, mustn't think like that. Mustn't be like that. He pulled the little aquamarine tome from his pocket and clutched it in his lap, its familiar contours comforting or anchoring him through the nightmares that bega
  18. "Hm?" he intoned as Joz broke the silence. "Ah, erm, you'll be sleeping in the bed tonight, Miss Joz," he said with a nod. "I'll, eh, I'll rotate this chair and sleep by the door. You can rest easy, here. Ben is patrolling the exterior and I imagine that Styrmsthal will be by in the morning. He'll be relieved to see you," he added, smiling wanly. He yawned again, this time utterly failing to mitigate it. Fighting through the blinking of his eyes and the tightness of his jaw, he asked, "Will you be needing anything else tonight, Miss Joz?"
  19. At just that moment Lolo hopped back up out of the chair and crossed to the door. Cracking the door once again, Ben's luminescence shone against his face. Lolo pointed upward and moved his finger in a circle before closing his fist. He pulled in a tray and close the door, cutting off the retreating light of the summon. He turned and lifted the tray, bringing it to the girl, bread and broth coming into focus as he came closer, the room suddenly aromatic with the soothing warmth of mild spices. "Please, Miss Joz, do try to eat something," he said as he set the tray down before her. Re-
  20. He slumped into a chair by the door to wait for the food and considered his apprentice. His sighed heavily and his face softened. Still he fingered his pocket. "I...eh...I am so relieved to have found you, Miss Joz."
  21. Lolotaru raised one hand to his forehead and rubbed at his temples as his other hand clutched at the book in his pocket absentmindedly. She was scared. And she should be, by the look of her. "We'll discuss this tomorrow, once I've had a chance to consult with Styrmsthal. And once you've had a chance to tell me who is responsible for this." He indicated her injuries. He waved his hand at the door and hastily scrawled on a pad of paper, tearing it off once finished. He cracked the door and the aetheric glow of Ben shone through. He chopped downward with his hand before raising it pal
  22. Gods, she's beaten half to hells. I'll have to work on her more later, maybe bring Ariel out..., he thought as he examined her still-considerable injuries. He heard her voice pushing through his racing thoughts, insisting on his attention. His brow furrowed. Stay here? His eyes flew wide and he took a half step back and said, "Absolutely not!" Then, stepping toward her once again, more calmly, he spoke in a soft voice. "Miss Joz, you're not nearly safe enough here. Styrmsthal will have you off and hidden as soon as tomorrow." He sighed and took another step, examining the painful
  23. He didn't see. He was busy. He'd shut and bolted the door behind her as she'd entered and had finished flipping through his grimoire. Any deftness in his drawing was only muscle memory, his hand would otherwise be shaking with the shock and emotion he was feeling in that moment. The book began to glow dimly in his hands as he finished tracing the gentle, meandering pattern, dotting and embellishing it only slightly in his distraction; there would be time for greater exactness later. With a final flourish of the pen toward the girl, he raised the book above his head with a flash.
  24. Lolotaru crossed the Octant hurriedly, his head down and brow furrowed. Ben sulked along beside him, his usually playful, curious hopping subdued per his master's mood. Styrmsthal hadn't returned to Joz's room until two days after they had parted at the Three Tales. He'd had too, too late a night and the sun spited his eyes all the next day. They'd made such good progress he figured a day off wouldn't do either of them too much harm. Weather round the southern tip of Vylbrand had delayed Lolo's own return by a day and so he was still unpacking when Styrm nearly knocked the door from its h
  25. I can get behind this subject and what everyone's proposed thus far. My own headcannon is a little less exact, and intentionally so. The way Lolo utilizes the geometries is to treat them more as rough guides, general patterns that engage and tug at one's aether in a particular way, but a given individual will have more success "going off-book," so to speak, that is to say by following the feel/flow of their aether and adding flourishes/closing angles/widening parabolas/what have you, to personalize the geometry in some way so that it corresponds more directly to the aetheric situation
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