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  1. Jaques, you magnificent bastard. Thank you, that is enormously helpful.
  2. Styrm didn't think. He didn't think of who might be caught in the middle, of what may happen after, of anything other than the next link in that night's godsforsaken chain of information slipping away from him. Another big roegadyn grabbed the boy's shirt in irritation. Styrm acted. In one fluid motion he stood, pulled up his seat, and with a great, heavy overhanded arc he slung it at the darting figure.
  3. Has anyone been taking screenshots of the constellations as they're introduced in the questline? I realized today that while I recognize them in the night sky, I have trouble remembering which is which.
  4. They can't be that unpopular; I have yet to run a dungeon without two of them. Haven't played it myself yet (or DRK). AST? I don't care if it can't keep up with WHM/SCH. It gives itself over to my patron deity, the RNG. So I must main it. It has been written in the stars. In desperate need of TP? I can help with that. Maybe. MP low? Give me a second. Wait. Nope. Give me thirty more seconds. Ohgodohgodohgodtank'sbleedingout need bole pleasepleaseplease BOLE! GLORY TO THE RNG!
  5. Aha! And in the 35 quest we get some more answers. I'm not sure what will and won't be considered a spoiler from here on out, so I'll just tag it all.
  6. I haven't completed much of the AST questline yet, but already from the very beginning we're seeing constellations. So, referring to my OP, I'm starting to see the blanks in question 2a and 2b being filled in. Hopefully questions 1 and 2 will be answered by 60!
  7. It didn't seem as though the boy paid him much heed as he moved towards him. He thanked the Twelve, almost unironically, as he darted into an empty seat. "Ye'll be Brindle then, aye?" he said with a sidelong glance. "What say we talk 'bout Kink?"
  8. Styrm hissed quietly through his teeth. He upturned his mug, draining the rest of his ale, and thanked the barman. He glanced around--don't run, boy--and began to make his way to his left, toward the boy, toward Brindle. Don't run.
  9. Styrm had been assaulted the whole long night with foul smells and fouler. He breathed through his mouth and inclined his head to hear the barkeep's whispers. "Brindle, eh?" he whispered back, not yet venturing to look to his left. "Say I sit with th'lad, he like t'try an' run off on me?"
  10. Mostly true. We know that Dunesfolk have a resistance to poison since they grow up ingesting a semi-toxic concoction (tea maybe?) for just such immunizing purposes. But ingestion and direct blood exposure are different things, so poison resistance may not have a lot to do with the topic at hand. And thanks to Nero for helping clarify some of the ideas in my own response. And like him, I don't mean to discourage. I think we're all just having a good time with the speculation/thought experiment.
  11. This has only just occurred to me somehow, and maybe I overlooked it in the thread, but is there any evidence for being able to cast from pre-drawn geometries? The animations all seem to have the toon writing in the book and my assumption has been that the actual tracing of the symbol was a key part of the casting ritual, not simply having the symbol ready already and I don't recall if it's mentioned in quest text anywhere. I don't know that I really have anything to base that on and even if it is the case, the tracing motion over enchanted ink could be a workaround instead of actually
  12. I'm looking forward to the class shake-ups. I'm looking forward to Astrologian. I'm looking forward to cursing and battling our cruel and capricious god: the one, the only, the RNG. Draw another card!
  13. Tarutaru, because they gave us lalafells. Soy sauce or salsa?
  14. That would be a dream. I could see that being a motif they go with when they inevitably get around to samurai.
  15. As Erik pointed out in another thread (that I can't find right now on my phone) a lot of the new gear, and especially the DRG set in question, looks very Tactics Ogre, which is unquestionably a good thing.
  16. Tactics Ogre...now you're speaking my language.
  17. Coincidentally, Natalie, I've RPed several (typically older) editions of Ahlklind as including an alphabet primer in the front or back, so that's a nice bit of synergistic thinking. A is for Aldgoat could even explain why such an appendix isn't universal. And you're right, FW: that would be a cool thing to do.
  18. Way back when I started a similar topic for books that had some ideas thrown about, particularly on pages 2 and 3. It sort of fizzled, but I have actually referenced several of the titles in my rp (forum, pm, and in-game). Namely the one below. Ahldklind's Old & New Tales Type: Book "So," she said, voice artificially bright, "How's me learnin' gonna go, then?" She held the book as if it was some strange, foreign artifact. His big, dumb grin became bigger and dumber and he replied, "It's a book, girlie. Ye open it." Public Knowledge: Its stories are widely kn
  19. Thank you, FW, for your time at the top. I for one have appreciated the transparency, forthrightness, and careful consideration of your tenure. And thank you, as well, for bowing out gracefully instead of driving yourself crazy trying to spin too many plates. See you later with all the rest of the plebs!
  20. Not exactly how I was going to word it, but close. Whatever your political inclinations, be you a libertarian, neo-conservative, liberal, theocrat, anarchist, communist, fascist, monarchist, etc., etc. ad infinitum, this is not a social/governmental issue. The government is not infringing on your right to post memes just as the government is not infringing on this website's right to set its own house rules. Being incediary and/or bringing personal politics into is also not going to help anyone make their case because it is not a political issue and trying to make it one comes across as
  21. I'm not sure if it will be any help to you, but I asked some related questions a little while back in this thread. Check out the second question answered in Sounsyy's first reply. You're not alone in wanting to focus a little more on the skies above than the cards below, but we don't even know the model of Hydaelyn's solar system, much less the galaxy universe as a whole. For all we know, the stars are simply the fixed firmament of some final Ptolemaic outer sphere. I'm tempted to call the universe a contained set of concentric spheres, given the astrologians' weapon is a Star Globe, b
  22. His take on the scripture is debatable, but he'd read it. Lolo will read anything.
  23. One would assume that Ishgard would have books. Whole libraries of the things, even. ^Lolo's all over it
  24. Ala Mhigo seems pretty well covered here, but I'm a Sharlayan man, myself.
  25. Lolo's always game (assuming we're in-game at the same weird hours...)!
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