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  1. Had some new water colors come in so I gave it a go with a friend of mines samurai.
  2. Jeez been a long time. I've moved a few times since the last time I did much here (so did the website as I learned) but still in FFXIV and still drawing all kinds of stuff. My goal soon is to open up at least some waist up and bust commissions just as soon as I figure out what I can handle number wise. In the mean time enjoy a friend of mines Garlean I did for them in exchange for a carbuncle. XD. As an added bonus, the one below is a wip for my blackmage Josephine Volta. He started out as some nobody, just the illegitimate son of a handsy Elezen merchant and a maid but ended up practicing not so legal magic while serving as first mate to a not so sane pirate. Then did one better and joined up with the Garleans, serving as body guard, assistant, and soon to be husband to one very power hungry medicus. I'm sure it'll be fine.
  3. Say hello someday if you like. My character Selahdis Gharl runs a clinic in the Brume and tries to do what he can for the children there. I'm afraid I never made him a Wiki as of yet but his shared tumblr is in my signature if you wanted to get an idea of what he is about.
  4. I have some people of the 'not very acceptable' variety about if you were ever so inclined. Osgarde Vilmaine serves as a spy master of sorts to House Vilmaine (which serves House Haillenarte) but also the son of Agnes Lavelle who was executed for heresy when he was a young man. Osgarde fought as her champion when his father refused and lost. It led to him spending much of his life in the Convictory and even though he has married into House Vilmaine he still isn't what most would consider reputable. Selahdis Gharl isn't technically Ishgardian but he does live in and run a small clinic in the Brume. Though also not technically a heretic his sympathies do lean toward the Dravanians and he may or may not have some involvement with them. Just like he may or may not have been involved with an Inquisitor in secret for the last four years. You didn't hear it from me. SHHH
  5. Wait...So he basically spawned in and immediately ran to sacpull an entire room? Quick question, but, what instance was it where your tank did this, because I'm grasping at straws for maybe an "inexperience" excuse for this one? Eh. Tanks still do this in Antitower etc on a regular basis so I'm not sure inexperience is to blame so much as impatience in most cases. My favorite are the ones who run out of range, miss getting protect and /then/ run back like a dog that just realized you didn't really throw the ball.
  6. It really does work. I do that with dps who intentionally eat mechanics (lookin at you BLM's who refuse to step out of your circles). I don't let them die but near death is a strangely potent motivator. Now as far as pulls go it really depends. If it happens once I'll help the dps even if it means healing and pulling the mobs to the tank once they are on me. However I remember I was running a Brayflox normal with a tank friend of mine, a sprout pugilist and a synced bard and we most certainly let the bard die. The moment we were almost done killing a pack he would take off running and shoot the mobs or the boss that was next. On the 2nd boss he very nearly locked us all out. We asked him to stop and got no response so on the last boss the tank and myself stayed outside on purpose. We apologized to the new person, kicked the trouble maker and got a new dps.
  7. Not sure about all my alts but my friend told me Martin Gore's voice reminded him of my pirate Gil Grey and...it stuck since then. RLQGaJ6-aE0
  8. Let me know what you're looking for and I might be able to make something for it Merak.
  9. If you ever have need of contacts my Hyur, Gil Grey, is a pirate Captain of the sea going variety who is preparing to branch out. He has a crew and a ship named the Arcadia that he was more or less raised on as well as several less than kosher investments including a merchant front and a tavern in Gridania. Lately he has been gathering parts to begin construction on several small one man airships he plans on using to complete raids and the like without needing to risk making port. Typical pirate-y stuff. I doubt he will ever give up the sea entirely seeing as his love of it may as well be religious but if if there is a profit to be made, he might be inclined to help. Or purchase parts you might...happen across.
  10. Finally took the time to scan some doodles and make a sketch dump. I feel 125% more comfortable drawing traditionally vs digitally honestly...probably about that much faster too unfortunately. A few OC's in here but mostly either FFXIV characters of mine or my friend. A few are in modern settings. Sue me. I like moving characters to AU's when I get bored. Also bonus my Elezen Osgarde if he was just your average trouble making modern human and my Au Ra Selah as a child.
  11. [align=center][/align] My Au Ra Selahdis Gharl and his mate Ashefont Vilmaine. They've been meeting in secret for years to avoid risking Ashefont's position and good name in Ishgard. They were...having a difference of opinion. Their philosophical/moral beliefs don't often line up.
  12. It hasn't happened yet but every time I imagine a scenario where my seer/healer Selah is pushed too far and forced to fight, this is playing. Its always the quiet ones that are truly terrifying. SoJ9dTjM2l8
  13. Xaela and Au Ra in general are, as said, pretty open to interpretation. There are a lot of tribes with varying vague ideas. I've seen people really embellish on these and congregate with others to sorta rebuild themselves in Eorzea and others who left the old traditions as more of a backstory and started anew once their character traveled from Othard. I rather like that it was left open. If they had laid out specifics we would have had a bunch of copy cat Au Ra running about with really similar backstories. As it stands now I feel like there are enough opportunities to accommodate lots of different styles and ideas without anyone being right or wrong. Maybe its time to flesh out the character a bit more and see if its their race that is causing the problem? I've had times when I felt so so about rping one of my alts because I just didn't feel the same connection with them as I did for other characters I had....Now my Xaela has a tumblr and a 400 page google doc worth of rp. Sometimes it just takes time or that one rp that really sets you off. Whether it is or isn't due to race, maybe its just time to throw a wrench in the works? Personally I like nothing more than to throw a character through the grinder and see what comes out on the other side. Making them fall apart is good insight into how they were held together in the first place. Edit: Personally I rp my Xaela 'mid range'. I don't buy into the little mermaid school of dinglehopper *sticks teapot on head* 'oh what a lovely hat' thing I've seen. He is mostly mute so that solves a lot of the speech issues but he has trouble with certain concepts. Like Gil. His first rp ever was trying to buy room and board with arrowheads and a pelt and nearly getting thrown out into the snow for it. I think some of the tribes might be better adjusted than others. There was one (I can't recall the name) that interacted with the outsiders more and others like you said who were violent in nature. I think the latter might very well mesh more seamlessly. Granted...what we have seen also shows that Ishgard, Gridania and Ul'dah may not be terribly welcoming based on looks alone so they still might have issues. Limsa is the only city I've not heard of being called out on some sort of discrimination against the Au Ra.
  14. May try putting them in the FC bank then pulling the gil/items out on the other character. That is how I've always traded items between.
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