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  1. Hai kiddos! Saiyuki here! I looking for new peeps to hookup with for some RP plotting and relationship building! [align=center][/align] Saiyuki Kobuki 23 years old Seeker (non-tribal cat, raised by a Dunesfolk Family) Creator of "Magic Tools" able to bring said tool alive with time magick. Personality: Saiyuki is a bit abrasive and charismatic male. He is quite the flirt and loves attention! Some people may also say that Saiyuki has an issue paying attention to details. If you're on the Balmung server! Hit a kitty up! :3 mew!
  2. If you are interested in a RP community, I had a LS for OOC to connect with others. Hit me up IG if interested!
  3. Seems really interesting! Count me in this coven! Hit me up IG sometime!
  4. Hi there! Welcome to the world of RP! I host a LS community that assists in connecting with other characters for RP. If interested at all, hit me up IG or on RPC! Hope to hear from you!
  5. He seems like a good time! Hit me up IG, I'm sure him and Luca may find something in common!
  6. Thanks for the posts guys! I'll be sure to find you IG!
  7. Hello, friends and potential RP companions! I hope to find many replies, because I enjoy role-playing and having a variety of players to interact with. I'm looking for role-players that wish to dive deep in to their character's story as well as character development. I will confess, my RP style is story based, I don't usually "Live RP". I am also a MRPer (Mature Role-player). I find RPing any given human experience to be quite fulfilling in character development. If interested, please feel free to hit me up via IG or on RPC. Luca does have a WIKI, that is still under constructio
  8. Hey there, kitty! Your character seems interesting. If you're ever up for some RP hit me up IG or on RPC. Hope to hear from you!
  9. Hey, X'ren! Stumbled upon your character. He seems really interesting! What spoke to me more was your desire to parttake in a Limsa storyline, which connects well with my Luca. Hit me up ingame or on forums. Look forward in speaking more with you!
  10. Hey Nara'to! Name's Luca! My character has a way of break others out from that shyness spell. If you're ever down for an RP session, hit me up on game. I'm usually on during evening hours. Hope to hear from you!
  11. I'm not sure if Grim floats for the same sex. But Luca doesn't descriminate as you know well in my LS. So, if you're up to building up a good storyline. I'm game! Just hit me up!
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