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  1. Came home late from work at about 6:30 EST. Logged in about 6:45 to 1000 abouts queue. Got in at 7:10. Pretty good in my head, considering: 1. We are on a max pop server 2. We are still in the early days of an expansion launch The folks whining about 20-30 minute queues in the other forums need to re-attune to their reality aetherite, imo.
  2. Each time I get booted due to server load, I'm going to order another pizza.
  3. The version for the Titan fight was put on the 2.5 Before the Fall OST. (2:24) I think that means we'll see something... maybe not a full length rise. You know, being a bit of an older gamer that grew up in the Atari/NES area ... these chiptunes feed some sort of starved nostalgia monster dwelling within my core. And leave me wanting for the entire FFXIV soundtrack redone on the 8 or 16 bit board. x_x Here's for hoping they release that Alex track at somepoint.
  4. Why hello! As someone who has a character that was raised in that path and followed that trade for many years before taking up the lance, I can safely and sadly see this thread has about most of the lore on it. And you've taken the same idea with Raine that do with Tris: "This is what/how he learned, not how the Ala Mhigan shamans are." It works given his mother was an outcast and broadly considered a "witch" by the locals of the time. To Teadrinker's point, I followed some of the same logic. Anything healing is really more an herblism/wortcraft kind of thing. I actually look at the alchemy recipes and wing it by dumbing them down with the basic ingredients, then adding the RP flair of smelling like a goats ass. For magic, during the few and rare times you will see Tris put it to use instead of the lance? Look to 1.0 Conjuration spells. They are more fitting to the idea both highlanders and the Ala Mhigans being a rough and tumble sort of people. Note that the spells are almost entirely offensive. Still, I'm being careful with this. While it satisfies the druid/ranger/pathfinder archetype I was wanting with Tris, I am fully prepared for lore to roundhouse his face as well. It's a sparsely mentioned element of Ala Mhigan life, notably in the Cactuar Piss quest. So I have to take a balancing act with it, and use some of my storytelling dynamics for the character to be not so upfront about being a shaman. I would love more lore on it, and maybe Stormblood might toss of a few bones on that. (if you see what I did there you get a cookie)
  5. Been on an electro-swing and related variations kick lately ... UbQgXeY_zi4 SGIn0g80g_I KHWa1M9oIkk
  6. Someone posted on reddit that their usps delivery of the lorebook went from Tennessee to Florida to Kentucky to Canada back to Kentucky. Several stops in Florida including Miami. Damn things are more traveled than I am by the time they arrive.
  7. Confirmed here. Was able to get mine ordered with the link in the email they sent. Looks like after 48 hours they are opening the remaining alotted inventory to the public:
  8. Honestly? I'm about as fucking salty as a hot pretzel over the speed of that book selling out right now. Wait list it is ... *wanders off to find some mustard for his pretzel*
  9. Practical me guesses September. Patch pace plus a release delay.
  10. I'll be making my way so far outside, I'll be in outer space ... The Empire needs supplies at a new outpost, and there is a good work for the pilots willing the make the haul out. o7
  11. While true that naked is a fine word to use, particularly in the context of using it to assist in the description of likening your character's bum to a "ripe tomato", do take care with the following words: Dollop Cordwainer Lima Peregrinate Ambuscade Floccinaucinihilipilification Kindercarnavalsoptochtvoorbereidingswerkzaamhedenplan Kumquat
  12. I feel like we need to wander over the feature request thread and ask for fridge to put these on, complete with alphabet magnets.
  13. By continue to do what I have always done: With no swivin' clue.
  14. Honestly, I love your color pallettes and the way you draw hair. All those fine colored lines and detail, with that little bit of sheen. As a person with zero arting skills, I'm completely envious. Pigeons are obviously the superior avian. Your art continues to get better and more awesome each time I see it. *tosses some bread and old museum popcorn* p.s. omghi its grey. @_@
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