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  1. Meis Knifebearer

    What Are You Listening To?

  2. Meis Knifebearer

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay

    By the look of things, the game's combat (while similar in some aspects to XV's system) is a hybrid. There is a meter that builds up for each character after each attack and you can switch between characters. So this bar that fills may be some kind of timed system... or it's a bar that fills to unleash a strong finisher/combo after a few slashes/magic spells. People asked for a remake, this is exactly that; a work from the ground up. This system will get us more engaged in the combat than ever before. I loved the ATB system and felt it reached the pinnacle of perfection in FF X, but I'm up for fast paced combat. Also, the game's going to be split into 'episodes', like FF XV. That I do not like, but you know... this game is going to be huge. I'd imagine the trip on the world map after leaving Midgar is not going to be a sprite running to the next town... no... it's probably going to be open world adventuring like FF XV... which means a real long adventure in a world we kinda already know. I'm so ready for this.
  3. Meis Knifebearer

    Game break again?

    Happened to me too. Guess I'll have to find something to do until then. Shame... I was punching things in Haukke Manor.
  4. Not sure I have complimented you but your title makes me chuckle everytime and offering Roe hugz is the best thing we can do. He's a Roegadyn and that's always worth noting. Haven't seen him in the game, but I bet that his heart is as big as his size!
  5. Meis Knifebearer

    The Greatest Food is Curry!

    That's part of the fun! I enjoy spicy foods. I once ate a a Japanese steakhouse and I asked the chef how hot he could make curry? He told me that he once had to call an ambulance to get someone's stomach pumped. Whether he was serious or not, I told him to 'bring it on'. That was without a doubt the hottest curry I ever had. My face went red and I had trouble eating and thinking straight for about 10 minutes. I still ate despite that and when the numbing feeling went away, I finished my whole meal off. He called me 'Red Dragon' from that day forth.
  6. Meis Knifebearer

    The Greatest Food is Curry!

    I was actually going to make mention of all the posts here. For the green curry, we had a place called 'Sticky Rice' that made an awesome green curry. It was amazing and though I only had it once, it's something I long for every day. All the curry shared here looks amazing. I ought to learn to actually make my own though!
  7. Meis Knifebearer

    The Greatest Food is Curry!

    I wonder whether that homemade curry easily beats the curry I got earlier today. The very first post is exactly what my curry looked like and it was delicious. I'd honestly have to say that your curry looks like it takes the cake only because there would be seconds and even thirds! How lovely.
  8. Meis Knifebearer

    The Greatest Food is Curry!

    Whoa. Now that looks good. I'll add that to my list of places to eat at New York!
  9. Meis Knifebearer

    The Greatest Food is Curry!

    Sounds fabulous. I love my curry hot and with pork. Like that picture I posted, mine tastes orgasmic. First, it's the crunchy texture that breaks against chattering teeth. You get a hint of the heat from the meat beneath that crust and soon the sauce's beauty comes into the mix. You taste a little bit of that brown sugar and garlic, then even the oils used in the pot to make the sauce. The heat from the rub is the last of it. I can tell that the chef let the sauce have a crust over the top before dipping in to drizzle the pork and rice. It hits the roof of your mouth first and while it doesn't exactly numb the tongue, the buttery oils make it all worth the while. And that is just the first bite. The second tells more.
  10. Meis Knifebearer

    The Greatest Food is Curry!

    Let's say that it did... what would be your favorite curry dish? What kind was it and how did it taste? Try and describe it!
  11. Meis Knifebearer

    The Greatest Food is Curry!

    I love curry. I think we should all share our curry stories. Do you like it? Do you hate it? When you play Final Fantasy XIV, does curry make your belly rumble? I'm getting some today and I hope yours looks as delicious as this! [align=center] [/align]
  12. Meis Knifebearer

    please respond

    I just assume someone's busy. If they don't respond, I just carry on. If I see them, I start role-playing. No one denies the power of some random role-play.
  13. Meis Knifebearer

    The Official "I Have Nothing to Do, Entertain Me" Thread

    [align=center]Waiting for 3.1 like...[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]How are you all spending your time waiting?[/align]
  14. Meis Knifebearer

    Macross Δ (Delta) - New Macross TV Anime

    I love Robotech (American Edit) but Macross is amazing. I haven't seen a really well done and decent Macross since Macross Plus (my opinion). I really don't like that the dogfights and planes are mostly computer generated. Sticks out like a sore thumb and reminds me of Last Exile. On a positive note, the VF-31 reminds me of the YF-19, which is one of my favorites next to the VF-1J and VF-1S. (For Robotech, I like Jack Archer's YF-1R). I'll watch it.
  15. Meis Knifebearer

    balmung The Grindstone - Saturdays at 10 PM EST (9 PM Central)

    [align=center]I thought to put this here. First match on the bridge, and look who I fought against in my very first Grindstone... the champion of the whole bloody thing: Jaliqai Qulaan It was a close match.[/align] [align=center] [/align]