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Which starting city will you pick?

Which city will you start in?  

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  1. 1. Which city will you start in?

    • Limsa-Lominsa
    • Ul'dah
    • Gridania

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I really like Ul'dah and cast my vote for there even though I'm still somewhat unresolved on it. Part of what's putting me off is the popularity of it. The other two also have their charms for me and I could see either working with the story I've started building framework for.


I'm sure once I get home and see the pictures I'll probably be an Ul'dah fanatic like everyone else though. :lol:

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Yeah I'm surprised at how popular Ul'dah is, but it really does have a lot of things going for it as cities go ^_^


My FFXI character Niami would have been based in Limsa-Lominsa for sure though. Mhauran-born pirate bard that she was. :D

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I think Ul'dah is so popular for a couple reasons. For starters, we've heard and seen so much regarding Limsa Lominsa so far and people are quick to jump at something "new."


Ul'dah also comes off (so far) as having less of a narrow theme to it. With Lominsa, you've got basically a bunch of pirates and fishermen. Gridania seems heavily focused on nature (plants, animals, etc). With Ul'dah you've got pit pights, powerful aristocrats, and possibly back alley thieves. It's made even more appealing due to the mention of a "sultan" and the Alladin-like Arabian mysticism.

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I don't know that my vote can officially be changed in the poll, but after viewing the pictures and re-reading, I find myself swaying away from Ul'dah and am actually quite enamored with Gridania. Maybe we'll get more information soon.

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Its funny, when I first found out about the 3 city states I decided to go with Ul'Dah because I thought it would push me out of my comfort zone because desert places don't appeal to me but it turns out this place sounds right up my alley, I feel like I'm cheating :study:

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I picked Ul'dah because it's been awhile since I've had a nasty, dark character. Mostly I tend to play old women, awkward youths, and merchants. Ul'dah sounds gritty and dirty, which makes it interesting to me, and I think it's past time I get around to a rude and lightly socially awkward 'for hire' persona. With a bit of chillax thrown in. :3

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Honestly, I'm not sure I like any of the starting cities that much. It feels like my choices are Spartacus, Avatar, or Pirates of the Caribbean >.>


I'm leaning towards Ul'dah but Gridana might lure me yet so I'll hold off on voting till I decide.



Pick Ul'Dah.

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I was initially interested in Gridania. Now I am not sure, swayed to Ul'dah. It felt like there was less info about Gridania, the description seemed general. I can def see how Mason would fit in nicely in Ul'dah, even though I generally dislike desert cities. The starting city would be where he grew up, as an adult he is a traveler anyway so the city only matters in terms of background to me.

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