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Hello~! I'm Back~!

Sailor July

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Hello, everyone~! I played FFXIV a while back and LOVED the game, but couldn't afford the monthly sub. But, now I can, so here I am~! My name is Angie, I'm 26 and live in Utah with my gorgeous best friend, wife and soulmate Jen! ♥ We're 24/7 D/s and CGL, for those in the know. We have 2 kitties, 2 birds, 2 rats and 1 snake. They're our babies.


I'm a huge geek, gamer, and role-player. I love anime and manga with a passion. I am also an artist, blogger, Witch and Pagan.


I play on Balmung, and can't wait to see some of you again and make new friends too~!

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It's a part of my introduction so that if there are like-minded people about, we can chat! (Candor, that's not... Quite right. xD) But, anyway... I actually don't ERP with anyone. I don't even flirt in-game unless it's with my wife. As for the rest, well, same really - I want to meet like-minded people! <3

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What new character were you thinking of making?


The main two (*whisper - altoholic - whisper*) that I've been thinking of are a Hyur Gladiator (who would most likely become a Paladin. I love Paladin characters). I just love the sword and shield feel, and the role-play possibilities of the class. However, I have also wanted a Miqo'te who would eventually become a Ninja. There's a character idea for role-play that I've had floating around in my head that she can hear exceptionally well (this is a real life thing known as having 'golden ears') and because of that, can be a superb spy. Plus it's playing on those ears of theirs. 


Eventually, I want a Hyur Black Mage as well.

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