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Would love to draw FFXIV roleplayers! ( art pickup!)


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I am dangerously low on FFXIV fanart and I'd like to change that!

While I work on my own RP character, I'd like to draw yours. FFXIV's style is absolutely beautiful, so I'd be an honour. I'd love to read about your characters aswell!




I'm still a busy person so I may not draw everyone, but but i'd like to ;-;



Arcian Martell:



Shoshopu Shopu





If you want to reblog these two !

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hnnnn that is some lovely stuff! I especially like the pencil drawings. I'm a sucker for those, even compared to really neat digital stuff... I followed you btw, I'm dragon-noises!


If you're in the mood to draw a lalafell or roegadyn, I just so happen to have an imgur album full of references for Shoshopu and her roegadyn bestie



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I would like you to draw my character.  My namesake in the game is "Gestahl" in honor of the Emperor Gestahl from Final Fantasy 6, on the SNES.  I'll send you a screenshot of my character in game, but I'd also like you to draw a young version of the aged Gestahl we all knew from the snes game!


I like to pretend I'm playing the young Gestahl back in his youth, long before the events of Final Fantasy 6!


Thank you

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Your artwork is lovely, it definitely has it's own unique feel to it. Beautiful.


If you're taking requests, I'd love to offer my swashbuckling minstrel Odette at your discretion.

Wiki (nearing completion) can be found here, and screenshots below.



With and without hat!




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[align=center]Your art is precious! ; u ; I would be so grateful if I could get a drawing of my dear little Carina and her baby behemoth:[/align]



[align=center]Ref of her face: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/423693199802734092/126B43355F8D2F3918E9B5D2B12F4385A46CB388/


[align=center]She has burn marks on her face, and she typically just wears the alchemist outfit! :D[/align]


[align=center]Ref of the Alch outfit: http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130901030225/finalfantasy/images/0/00/Alchemist_FFXIV_Art.jpg[/align]



[align=center]Ref of the behemoth if you want to put him there or not:[/align]




[align=center]I don't obviously expect anything crazy or even anything at all, but thank you in advance if you do decide to draw her.[/align]

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I really like your style!


I also agree, if you are going to spend extended amount of time on anyone's characters to draw them, maybe consider a commission?


I like your pencil busts. For whatever reason, they appealed to me a lot.

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Your art is really neat! I dig the style!

You should consider taking small commissions at least though. Might as well practice and get some money out of it at the same time ;)

I will in the future! Commissions are a huge obligation with the tie constraints I have ( I have a big commission coming up aswell!) so freebies help me gain examples and are greatly destressing. Thank you so much for suggesting that, it's ver kind and flattering of you.



Thank omfg that's so sweet of you!! hjghjsgjk



Thank you that's very sweet!



It seems like a lot of you like my pencil busts, so I'll do some of those ^.^

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