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New Character Creation


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glad to see the character models and clothing were polished off, and even more, the customizable features looks fantastic.


Though, the Miqo'te was chosen and of course the largest bust size was chosen as the demo of that particular screenshot, It's good to see that "Very Large" is not actually obnoxious.

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I love the backgrounds. Just felt like saying that.


It looks like they are ramping up the fine detail in this version, which is nice. I'm not used to the Japanese offering so much customization. However, I am astounded that these are screenshots and not, y'know.. a video.



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I really like the options to be able to view your characters in multiple types of lighting. I hope they add additional options for hairstyles and such, but understanding this is still an alpha, and - remembering how the character creator looked in the original alpha - I'm impressed and hopeful.

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I wonder... will it import our characters as is from 1.x in to 2.0' date=' so we can then edit them? I do not remember the specific options I used for Deir anymore, and doubt I will change too much...[/quote']



As far as I know, I think everyone will be able to re-create their character once.

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I agree, I like how this refined character creation system is looking, like many here, even when I am not putting a character into an RP setting, I spend a ridiculous amount of time choosing all the details allowed. It is time consuming, but so awesome to have something that is nearly what your imagination can picture in a world which someone else has created to then admire as you venture forth for even the most menial of tasks. I do wish we got to see te newest additions to the race and gender board, but I think this just shows the wonderful possibilities ahead for everyone as we enter a new and hopefully more final era of this gaming experience which can truly only be enhanced.

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Absolutely, give me a great solid character customization system like FFXIV's as 1 example, and i could spend a good bit of time creating my ideal self in a game. My own way of playing mmos or ne game where I can customize my character is I like to take what I think i'd like to look like or be if I was in that games given world. I'm looking forward to getting a chance to hop back into this game again as soon as I'm able to

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