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Seeking an Astrologian for RP story

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As it stands Benedict has recently become a Dark Knight and is coming to grips with what that all entails. He has been roleplayed as a Gladiator in essence and has never wielded magic IC despite the fact he was a Paladin for game purposes. I have just started the Dark Knight quests and have purposely avoided any spoilers to ruin things for myself as I like to experience the story as it unfolds and add those elements to my roleplay.


What I'm looking for: Benedict plans to seek out a renowned Astrologian in order to get a glimpse of his possible future. I'd like to set up a small rp event where he visits a PC who can use their talents to divine for him. I do not what specifics or spoilers to the Dark Knight story so I'd prefer it if the Astrologian had a flair for the cryptic, as I feel that adds to the fun.


Anyway, if you are interested please read over his wiki to get a better idea about who he is, perhaps even roleplay divining a bit about his past that they could not have known on their own. Then please post here or send me a PM. I'm more than happy to add elements of the PC Astrologian's story or such to make it fun for everyone.

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Much appreciated, but it doesn't seem like that would be the best fit. Benedict would search out someone known to ply their trade as a well known diviner, not someone whom is a bit surely who doesn't really want to do divining for patrons. Of course if I misread your character please correct me. :)

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I can offer a fortune teller who could appear be cryptic, do some crazy divinations and leave you confused as they wander off. Or variations on that theme.


It may not be everything you are after but could add to and reinforce the fate/destiny.


Happy to shape it to suit.

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Thanks to everyone who responded and made offers to help build some rp connections as well as assist in Benedict's personal story. I truly appreciate the response. I will be contacting people via PM and see what pans out and what seems like it will work well as far as schedule and concept. I look forward to future roleplay as well as community building.


As a side note, if anyone ever has a storyline where they think Benedict can help out or be a part, feel free to contact me.


Again, thanks for the responses!

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I'd offer mine up but she's hardly renowned, and also isn't doing any divining presently for plot reasons. Although I've been told I'm fairly decent at the cryptic thing.


You should contact Hoshichou.


Thank you for the referral! ♥



I do happen to play an Astrologian and there's a potential that she might be able to fit your needs. I'll write you up some of the information you're looking for in just a moment. 

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