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A Show of Sugar and Spice: Sunday, January 17, 3pm EST

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“Gods, gifts, prayers, benedictions, fah! What do I need for such? I am a simple soul, and I crave simple things: stories of laughter and cheer, and the occasional roving eye attached to a perfect figure with a voice to make a primal cry. These are the things I want, bard! What say you to that?”



What do we say to that? We say, my simple yet discerning critic, that you should bring those jaded jowls of yours to our next bard show…



[align=center]A Show of Sugar and Spice![/align]





When: Sunday, January 17, at 3pm EST


Where: The Phoenix Aria – The Goblet, Ward 4, Plot 41


For this year's opening performance, we bring an idea both old and new – old to the world, but new for us, and one for which popular demand has grown.


In a daring move, our fervent cohosts Ciel Grayve and Nathan Telluride present our long-discussed and long-awaited Cabaret! Come out to see shows worthy of private clubs, filled with pipe smoke, potent potables, funny females and fellows, fabulous fops, delightful dames and gregarious gents. We’ve even chosen a special location, open to all our performance lovers and new enthusiasts, but freer from random rumblings from raucous rubes and troublesome trollkin.




Performers will be asked to prepare a 3-8 minute presentation – dance, songs, stories, acting- that matches one of the two themes of our event, meant to complement each other:

“Sugar”: Comedy, humor, good times, and side-splitters! If you’ve got a funny story or act, we want you to be the sweetening sugar in our mix. Bring your extended jokes, smile-inducing anecdotes, humorous songs, or a touch of the goofy: we want you to make us smile!


“Spice”: For those whose smiles are much more suggestive and sultry than silly or snide, this is your time to put on the ritz. Burlesque, titillating dance, torch songs, ribaldry, and a touch of slink – all these have found their time!


Those who wish to be in the show should post their intention in this thread, or contact the hosts. A roster will be created and maintained here in the thread.


Performance Roster (TBA)


Odette Saoirse

Leanne Delphium

Jancis Milburga

Nebula Stardancer

Mina Keatley and Ciciru Ciru

Lunelle Thibault

Aya Foxheart

Faezbhar Rysswilf

Tiroro Roro


Due to the more open and more raucous potential of this particular event, we have some additional rules for our performers to follow, to ensure that our Tales of Ribaldry do not simply become Tales of Pornography.


[align=center]Guidelines for Performers[/align]

- While some flashed skin, tastefully and teasingly done, is all part of the cabaret style, we are not looking for blatant striptease. Performers should have at least *some* measure of clothing coverage, even if it’s just those coeurl-print briefs and bikini top, all during their performances and time at the show. If you’re unsure about your performance meeting the standards, contact our hosts, and we can work with you.


- While a little profanity and clever innuendo is inevitable and expected in a room full of excited people, please keep your language somewhere between titillating and tasteful. If you’ve got the right combination of class and sass, it’s a much more compelling accompaniment to your tight… lyrics. This doesn’t mean you have to be a schoolmarm, though! Again, ask your hosts if you are unsure.


- Because we would like to have an alternating theme of Sugar and Spice, your hosts ask that you contact them with a little information about what you plan to perform. This is not meant to censor or buzzkill or ruin surprise, but to put together a program order that keeps all of our audience amused and looking forward to every performance.


For our audiences, to keep the spirit fun and light, we have two rules for our audiences, two, for this show:


- Be 18 or older both IC (with adjustments for game race, perhaps) and OOC! FFXIV is T for Teen, but we must insist that none of our staff, performers or audience members be put in the difficult situation of dealing with statutory idiocy.


- Please keep the spirit of the atmosphere. A cabaret is a nightclub environment, resembling the speakeasies and nightclubs of the Western world about 60-80 years ago, especially during 20th century wartime. While you don’t have to be High Society – after all, having a few shady sorts is perfectly noir and fitting – even the thugs at a nightclub know better than to cause problems inside.


Although it is not a rule, only a suggestion, performers and attendees alike are encouraged to dress for the spirit of Cabaret, in the finest all-there, or perhaps even barely-there fashions, for that wondrous mix of high society and low moral character that we’re all about.




Finally, at the end of our show, stick around to meet the showgirls and showguys, and get a sneak peek and preview of not only our next show, but of a special event to come next month.


We look forward to your attendance at this landmark event, and a new year and new approach for many of us. Support your local bards, and watch this thread for more information as we go!

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So happy to have the Solioquy do take off into their own spin and wonder!


I really can't say that enough.


I'll sign up Jancis for a bubble dance. If it's sugar or spice yet... I'm not honestly sure. :blush:

But it'll be bubbly nonetheless.



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I do so wished I could have been there. For those who didn't know, I had a death in the family that has kept me firmly rooted in a difficult RL for a week now.


However, I am looking forward to being able to get back in and hear how it went from the people who got to attend, and, now that I should have a bit of stability starting again by Tuesday, getting to work on the next event and reviving the Valentine's Telegrams, too.


Thanks to all who ensured that the show went on, and my eternal gratitude to Ciel, who picked it up and kept it going when I couldn't. You're class acts, all of you, and I am anticipating all the good stories to come.

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