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I'm new and excited to be here! I have a quick question.


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Hey everyone, I'm new to FFXIV but I've roleplayed in a handful of MMOs before. I've loved my experience with FFXIV so far, and the community seems quite supportive. I haven't had the chance to try any roleplay yet, but it's awesome to see how pervasive it is here on Balmung and I'm eager to give it a try when I finalize my character.

Speaking of which, I had a quick question. I made an Au Ra Marauder named Khadan Malqir because I liked the idea of playing a dragon-dude. 



Hey nice to meet you. I'm Khadan and I enjoy swinging this large axe. Also I am a lizard. 


However, after leveling through the initial main story I really fell in love with Coerthas and the Ishgardian noble houses. I'm now sorely tempted to use my free Fantasia to reroll into an Elezen, because I've very much enjoyed all of their lore so far. Still, I don't want to throw away all of the character concepts I've been working on so far, and I'm worried that if I use my race change and then regret it I'll have to pay more money to switch back. 



Hey I don't have a name yet because I'm still just a concept. Also I am a giraffe.



Anyone want to weigh in on this internal debate of mine? I'm pretty excited with both characters, aesthetically. Are there any Elezen or Au Ra related RP groups I'd be missing out on by choosing one over the other? Thanks for the help, and hopefully I'll see you all ingame sometime!

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Welcome aboard! 


Au Ra, and especially xaela, benefit from having tribal groupings. I know there are quite a few active Malqir rpers, I don't know if they're properly organised into anything as per se but - sharing the same tribe with someone else is definitely a not bad opener for RP ^^ 

I can't really say much for Elezen since I've never properly played one before.

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Hi there,


Welcome here first, and you're right, this server is truly a big bright gold mine on the world of MMO's, and i've wandered quite my share before.


My point is more focused on the elezen dude, playing one as well, and better, ishgardian nobility as you've fallen in love with the cold north (as many before you), I can give a bit of pointers. As such, you'll find that there is at least a two whole linkshells dedicated from characters up-there related, with a fair share of Elezen (seem logical when they are 60% of current population of the country.) in it. You'll find also quite a fait share of related FCs operating over the area as well. As I have only a single character, I can't give tips about other locations and dedicated elezen related groups, but you'll find too a decent population of Shroud-dwellers, so I bet if you're the forest kind, you'll find something pretty easily!


With that said, best of luck to you and see ya in-game maybe!


This was a perfectly assumed advertisement for Elezen characters and especially Ishgardians ones, with a slight focus of saying "Hey, seek me if you wish". The autor ain't a bit sorry for it. May you have a good day.


Edit: You've heard the folks don't you? Make the good choice, follow the right path, play Elezen! or be ready for lizard ass spanking!

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My opinion is always Elezen. There will never be enough Elezen. There's a linkshell for Ishgard RPers and a lot of Ishgard-themed free companies to choose from. Also, that Elezen model is hot. I highly approve. I think Eorzea needs him.

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My advice would be to choose the race that fits what character concept excites you the most.


Do you want to play a nobility with a deep rooted history in Ishgard? Then Elezen would be the way to go.


Do you want to play a character with more of a foreigner background? Just how he gets or already got integrated into the Ishgard is entirely up to you.


Either race can be entrenched in Ishgard the culture, just in a very different way. I don't think you will miss out on any particular RP groups unless it is inherently tribal or nobility kind of RP.

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