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Returning Player, LF Friends/Rp.

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So. I've been playing FFXIV off and on for a while now, took a bit of a several month long break, and decided to come back and give the game another shot.

I really do enjoy this game, it's beautiful, it's fun, and I've had over all decent experiences with it.


However, the fun only lasts for so long when playing by myself, without friends and such. I was in an RP Free Company before, and I actually got along with everyone on an OOC level, however I was constantly overwhelmed by just how many people were around and IC at any given time, it was intimidating and I ended up mostly just being a wall flower at most events.


I would like to change that, take small steps, work my way up to larger group rps and such. I tend to be almost annoyingly shy, but I think that attempting to post here is the first step towards improving myself.


As for my character? I have a Maelstrom Storm Corporal Miqo'te, goes by Tae'jic Xaul, so I do welcome sudden Whispers/tells. However I'm presently trying to revamp him, so that he's not just a copy/paste of my other characters from different MMOs. So would love some tips and pointers on that, as well.


So, that's all I got for now, look forward to chatting and making friends, maybe engaging in some RP!

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Hey! So.. instead of starting a new topic, just going to go ahead and revive one of my old posts. Hopefully not breaking any sort of necroposting if it's with my own topic?


Currently just looking for some people to act as friends, or contacts for Tae'jic. Maybe even a rival~.


A Miqo'te that happens to be a Storm Corporal, as previously mentioned. Not much progress appears to have been made in rank, woops. He can easily most often be found doing patrols through Limsan areas, or just guarding Aetherytes in any Limsa location.


He's a friendly guy, out going and enjoys a good adventure or a fight, helping others just comes natural to him. Either a Neutral Good or Lawful Good type. Just.. shy, surprisingly for a militant man, huh?


As for myself, I have a very sporadic work schedule. Some days I open, some days I close, so I'm all over the place. Also in CST myself. My absences from game were never due to a lack of interest in the game, just more.. financial. Now that I've secured a full time position, I don't see myself dropping away from the game so long as I can keep myself involved with a community.


Anyway, welcome to drop a line here, or shoot me a PM. Look forward to getting to meet people.

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Hey there! Welcome aboard/back again! :thumbsup:


If you're looking for some like-minded LG folks, you might want to tap into Hydaelyn Protectors (see more information in my signature)! They're a pretty active group that's still relatively new and growing, and since it's a linkshell, you won't have to join a FC to get in on the action. More importantly, they do community interactions- I have run-ins with them occasionally myself.


There's also ShroudLife which is a linkshell for arranging meetups outside of cities- wilderness survivalists, traders, that kind of thing. It's no longer quite so heavy on the Shroud aspect since we do RP out into Limsa a bit these days too. If that perks your interest at all, you're welcome to take a gander at the ShroudLife thread linked below too!

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Hello! And welcome back to Eorzea, I hope you enjoy your stay! If you ever need somebody to do content with, or want to RP with anyone, just give me a ring!


Always looking for new friends!

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So. Totally not just.. necroposting, it's not necroposting if I'm bumping my old topic, right? ... Right?


But! Long story short, much like the plenty of others returning to the game for the expansion, I'm spending more time trying to play, and more specifically, Roleplaying!


Posting in my topic because public rp is still scary. I should get a handle on that sometime.


Character is still Tae'jic, though he's looking to take a break away from the Maelstrom, do less things for the military, and do things more for himself. See more of Eorzea, even travel across the sea [maybe? will have to figure out how to explain the time skip, or.. skipping the time skip..]


Also looking for an excuse for him to learn to be a Samurai [because I'm a huge weeb, sorry.] So, if perhaps there is someone who is willing to teach, or even train alongside. They could be rivals! Friendly rivals. Maybe.


Tae'jic is quite friendly, and easy to get along with, he's pretty easy going, but still enjoy a good scrap every now and then.

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Hi there!


I played a long time ago. I don't think I even got past level 20. >.> Then I got busy with real life and had to take a hiatus.


I've recently come to this forum as referred by another player, hoping to connect with the FF-fans (FFF?) community and maybe draw their characters if they're willing.


I hope to soon be able to return to the game itself, but that hasn't happened as of yet. If I do, I'll add you to my friends list! :) Or... I'll add whoever I hit off a friendship with. xD

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Hey also a returner with an easy going character who works more or less for the Maelstrom :) A'kos could use some buds, but he could also be convinced to teach his fighting style.  He doesn't call it Samurai, but that's the job.  He's finding it to be an interesting parallel to the Hingashi discipline.  


I have a thread for contacts of my own on this board, check it out if you're curious ^_^

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*Puts away his copy of the Necronomicon ex Forumus.*


Hello peoples, I am back! .. Again, imagine people are a little confused as to why I could bring back my old post once more.


... Well, it's because of life circumstances causing problems that made it difficult to maintain playing the game, and sort of lost communication with people. Think like, the only person I've been seeing on my friendlist was someone I ran dungeons with a couple times.


I have trouble breaking into public rp, and can't get myself to really.. post or wander around the Quicksand unfortunately. However would love to sit down and chat with people, find a good time to introduce characters, or to even RP on Discord if work schedules are a problem, which they frequently are because I work retail and I have no solid work schedule, other than I almost exclusively work weekdays [thankfully].


Fairly open to ideas, and Tae'jic is a lot more in the open world now, instead of sort of being locked into La Noscea because he worked with the Maelstrom the most.


That said, feel free to contact me in game, Tae'jic Xaul

or on Discord as: SnerkSherk#6518



Looking forward to chatting and RP with all the peoples, and getting over this block that we call Shyness, or.. anxiety, or whatever. o/

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You seem like a pretty nice guy, and I'd love to try a scene with you to see if we click. I prefer not to have to wander into the QS alone as well, and prefer to do either one-on-one scenes or small groups of friends. Community events are also a lot more fun with a partner, and even going into the QS is much easier with another person. I shot you a message on Discord to set something up, if you see this in time, we could try something tonight!

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