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Greetings From A New (MMO) RPer

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Hello, everyone!  It's a pleasure to meet you all!


As the title mentions, I am new to RP in an MMO environment and, in all honesty, only somewhat experienced with RP of the pen & paper variety.  I've been playing FFXIV off and on since 1.0 (though the bulk of my playtime has been 2.0+) and I'm quite excited to finally try roleplaying in the game.  I'm still not quite ready to debut Johari D'laforet, as I need to finalize some details about her life, but I hope to have her ready soon.  There's also that pesky little detail about getting her through the MSQ so I can access glamour~  :D  When I am ready, though, I hope to start off with light or moderate RP to begin.  My lore knowledge is rocky at best, so heavy RP would probably be a bit beyond my capabilities...


Any tips or advice for someone like me would be appreciated!  For example,  when I do have Johari finished, should I make a wiki for her or wait until I've established some connections?    I'm also doing my best to read through etiquette posts, browse lore posts that others have linked to, and I'm trying to make sure my character is "realistic" in the world...but there's still that uncertainty and nervousness about finally taking the plunge.  :blush:  Still, I look forward to seeing where Johari's adventures take her!


Again, it's a pleasure to meet you all and I hope to be able to RP with some of you soon~

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Hello and welcome to the RPC!


As Warren said, the best way to get RP is to just hop right in.


I would heavily recommend seeking out people to RP with instead of waiting for it to come to you though. It usually works a little faster and then that gives you and the other people something to collaborate with. You can find posted entries over in the Making Connections forum, but on Balmung, there's also a lot of it that happens in game!


Each person has their own balance of etiquette, but many people will either try to put a little blurb in their search info or send a tell before approaching complete strangers. (But some of the people I know have TONS of contacts because they react and talk to strangers out of the blue.) What works for some people may work for you too! (Or not! But that's why the RPC is here to help people find resources and coordinate!)


If you've got questions on the lore or a concept, don't be afraid to ask either! While there's a lot of stuff already on the RPC, that also means there's a lot of information to sift through.


General lore questions are geared towards the FFXIV Discussion section.


General RP concepts, or how to make RP work in a setting go to RP Discussion.


Stuff specific to your character should go to Character Workshop.


If you'd like help building a wiki, there are a few public posted templates with a fill-in the blank style for editing. Many other users are also usually happy to share their fancier CSS and

tag-heavy wikis, but I would recommend avoiding those if HTML, CSS and wiki code are intimidating.


I hope to see you around having fun with RP!

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Pretty much what Warren said. The best experience is the experience itself. I totally get the whole idea of being nervous. Maybe join a link she'll/FC that holds light to moderate rp to get the feel of it. Going to events such as tavern nights also a great way to gather some experience. 


Hope to see you in game at some point for some awesome rp!!

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As someone who originally started with pen and paper as well and jumped head-first into MMO RP on FFXIV... you might feel a bit overwhelmed and out of your depth at first. Especially on Balmung, you'll see people RPing with each other in the middle of the streets, in the taverns, all going on while you're just sort of... watching from the sidelines. Don't worry about feeling that way - I know I did.


As people said, jumping in helps a lot. Getting into RP with folks, even if it's just a little back and forth banter, can help you feel more involved... more a part of things. There's often events going on at various times of the week - attend those, even if you're just spectating. Especially if they're something you think you or your character will enjoy.


Before you know it, you'll have all sorts of folks that you're having interactions with - friends, rivals, people your character can't stand. I've only been on Balmung for a year or so now and I had that moment of "wow, my character knows a bunch of people" just yesterday when I recognized three different groups of individuals. :lol:


MMO RP is quite fun - even if you're not actively participating in the RP, just spectating the various conversations and antics makes the game seem more... alive. Spectate some, approach others, and - most of all - have fun. That's why we're here, right? :thumbsup:


As for lore, I got beaten on that too. But don't worry too much if you're not super-cleaving to the lore as written - a lot of folks play around with the lore a bit, it's just a matter of how much folks flex and bend with it. And I'm pretty sure most ideas can be adapted to some degree so that it's at least a little lore-compliant. ;)


Welcome to FFXIV RP. Have fun and enjoy your stay.

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Wow, I didn't expect such a response in such a short amount of time.  :D  Thank you!  I'll get to work on the wiki (I have enough basic information for at least that much - or maybe I'm just focusing too much on the minutiae at this point, heh) and browse through the Connections board.  Most of my gaming time is done for the day, but hopefully tomorrow I can dive right into something~

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Hello there and welcome to the RPC! :D I wouldn't worry too much about your character and role-play beforehand. You'll learn the ropes as you go along, and your character will develop naturally.

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