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I'm pretty new to FF, just got off the free trial and was hoping to find some RP around, then I literally stumbled across your site. xD I figured I'd answer the main question list.


--MMORPG background


I played a bit of Dungeons and Dragons Online, but got bored with the lack of RP. Some of my friends started playing FF, so I joined too, but again got bored with just levelling and being unable to really play as my character.


--RP experience


I first got into D&D through the game Neverwinter Nights; unfortunately there are very few servers left now as it's over 10 years old and the main adventuring RP server I used to play on is long gone, although I still play on a social server. I've since gone on to play PnP as well.


--Character ideas/info


I'm working on it.


--How did you learn about the coalition?


Sheer accident, actually. I'd been poking around the main forums for RP and not found much and I stumbled across your wiki while looking up 'Hipparion' on Google and getting a hit for the Miqo'te tribe of that name.


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?


TBH, I'm not really sure of the exact differences. Should I say light so I don't screw anything up? xD


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)


I'm a Proofreader by trade, but you would never know it by my typing in game. Apart from gaming I also like singing and walking my dog.


I did notice that the two servers that you guys are mainly on are both character locked. Are there any other servers that people play on? Australia/NZ time compatible would be a bonus.

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Hello and Welcome!


As far as servers go, you can still pay $18.00 for a server transfer into Balmung. It's just looked for new characters. You can still transfer in. If you do happen to go this route, keep in mind you can transfer all 8 characters from a single server for the same $18.00. So it;s best to create a server full, wait the 3 days are whatever is required, then pay the $$ to transfer over.

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I have some friends that want to RP too, but are reluctant to leave their current server, Diabolos, as they've made friends/connections there. Is there any RP community at all on Diabolos?

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Rumors abound of small RP communities on other servers, or attempts at that... but most here seem to play on Balmung and probably can't confirm or deny any validity to those rumors.


It might be worth some Google searching and see what you find? I've heard that some of those smaller pockets of RP maintain their own community websites, though this one is meant for anybody on any server to use, not just Balmung. I think perhaps they feel a little drowned out here, or maybe they just want to run their own thing. Who knows. :)

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A quick question that didn't rate its own thread.


Is it possible in FF to throw your voice to companions/minions? i.e. Coeurl Kitten: *rubs round someone's legs*


I've seen people handle it by placing "/em | " in their emotes. So it would be like


/me | The coeurl kitten rubs around someone's legs.


That's the best the system lets us get away with currently.

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