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[CLOSED] Vi's Art Giveaway


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Sup my fellow roleplaying nerds,


I happen to be super duper bored, and enjoying the living hell out of drawing these little sprites with my mouse, and I need the practice. So.


You want any like these? For nothing, totally free, and barely any effort to be done on your part but to post a screenshot (or more)?








Well... the only thing you need to do is to throw your character references down below (nice and clear screenshot(s) of your character, preferable of their face), and I might just end up making your char into one of these. If your RPC wiki has nice screenshots, you can simply link your RPC wiki page as well. Just make it easy for me to draw your character, and don't make me dig trough pages of your Tumblr to find a reference!


That said, I Can't promise you I will draw your character, as I will only pick 1-2 at best. Being friends with me, or be my worst enemy isn't suddenly going to increase or decrease your chances, as I'm simply looking for interesting characters to draw ♥‿♥


[align=left]I will leave this open till Sunday, and pick a one or a few characters to draw, somewhere in the Evening/Night (EU times).



Mind you, seeming I'm doing this for the RPC only, only your FFXIV characters will apply for this. I ain't going to draw your WoW Night Elf. And give me some time to finish your character's portrait, as I'm going to London in a few days, and when I come back home, I got a buttload of irl work to take care of as well. So don't expect me to turn your char's portrait in a heartbeat. Thanks!




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[align=center]Ohh Your art is lovely!:D[/align]

[align=center]I'll have to update with a screenie when I'm off work.[/align]

[align=center]Now to decide which of my two characters to screenie. \o/[/align]

[align=center]Update: Got some screenies!![/align]

[align=center]I chose my Miqo'te Jellal (Profile and front view)[/align]


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Oh, neat. Any time someone puts up a thing like this I like to bump it so 1) people can see it and bring in that sweet commission money when the time rings true and 2) I can also get free shit (though it'll be hard to trump the Arbiter License).


I also don't have any references while at work, so good luck fast posters at home!

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Oh! These are delightfully adorable. Do you perhaps draw male faces too I hope? I has many screenies on my wiki pages so here have a few /o/



https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/O'kihp_Tia (has lots under gallery!)



I don't have any preference of which one you choose, if you even choose me at all ^^' But I will say your art is very nice and I like your style! :thumbsup:

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... Yeah I think I will just use some random generator at this point to keep things fair. TOO MANY PRETTY CHARS


And yes I can draw men as well :D


Thank you all so far for your kind words ect <3


And I probably will close this someday Monday morning (EU timezone) because I may be forced away from my keyboard whole Sunday. First got to deal with family, and then I'm attending LoL EU finals in Rotterdam with friends later that day :)

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