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Seeking EU-time zone heavy rpers to play with!

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Hello everyone!


I know there is a long list of EU rpers, but I wanted to call for heavy rpers hanging around at european time-zone hours on the evening. I've been rping on Balmung for 7 or 8 months now but it's getting harder and harder for me to get involved in long plots because most of the time people are getting into rp when I must go to sleep :cry: 


I can usually stay up all night on week-ends to be able to play with my current rper friends but I really wish to find people I can rp with more than once every two week-ends... (Pve is keeping me busy but I reached a point when I'd rather have rp plots to have fun after a long day at work rather than running the same dungeon for the 500th time ^^')


If you face the same problems and want a long-term rper friend to play with I'd be glad to meet you!

I'm actually playing a peculiar character (a sea pirate whose story is detailed in my wikipage, linked in signature if you are curious). But I'm ready to start a new character if it can fit better into a group of motivated players with funny concepts I'd like support with daily presence :love:


Please note that I like playing crooked, evil, criminal-masterminds, or creepy-cute characters, and I'm usually looking for deep plots, which kindda restrain the people who would actually be interested I imagine. I would totaly love to be your antagonist, for example.


Anyway, don't hesitate to add me or send me a MP if you want me to add you if I'm not online when you are :D


Thank you for reading this!

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Our characters actually kind of "met" when mine paid a visit to Tristanaud recently, even if they didn't talk. I think it's potentially a place where it could happen again (or around), though considering what happened last time ICly i'm not totally sure your character would be allowed there again?


In any case, I fall into the heavy RP category and the EU timezone. It is very possible (and probable) that if our characters have to meet more seriously it might end up on the antagonistic/hatred category, but that's not a given with Suen.


I'm always interested in more RP, especially with characters that mine would distaste or hate (or not). I can't promise you a heavy long lasting plot just like that because you know, you have to have a little substance and ideas behind, so maybe we would have to think something out for that? In any case I'm open to things!

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I'm EU, I'm a heavy RPer (in terms of always trying to be IC, I am open on lore though.) 


I'm kind of avoiding tavern RP atm as I want more depth. So definitely happy to link up.

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EU RPer reporting! o7 I wouldn't say I'm 'super' heavy, currently working on my relic grind, but I'll put that off if there's some roleplay on offer! 


I have two characters I mainly RP with at the moment, Oyuu Dataq, a grumpy lizard wizard and Raih Unaze, an angry, stabby cat. Both have previously been in the employ of a bunch of Skypirates, but they differ slightly in their interests. Oyuu is fascinated by magic and aether - often described as a bookworm/nerd in general, whilst Raih is quite outgoing, quick to jump into a fight and have a beer. Shoot me a /tell on one of these characters if you want to RP! :)


Like Suen, I don't know about a super long-lasting plot, it all depends on how our characters get on, but I'd be happy to roleplay with you in the evenings! Feel free to PM me about possible plots or prompts for our characters to meet.

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Valence> Yes, I remember you! We could definately rp together at the manor FC then. Currently Tristanaux didn't really told Vayne to never come again, but I'm sure things will be different if more of these kind of things happen again ; ) Anyway if you're online in EU time-zones please poke me on the OCC linkshell, I'll definately come play with you. I'm sure we can work something out, eing in piracy and all this stuff. And of course if you need an antagonist to hate I'll gladly play this role xD 


Nebbs > I remember you too! Never had the opportunity to walk-up to you but I saw you a few times : ) I too want more depth and as you are into piracy I'm sure we can work something out too. I think I already added you in my friends list, I don't remember, I'll have to check!


Oyuu> I'll try to add you when I'll be back from work this evening : ) Vayne hates magic and loves fighting, so...any of this character could actually work but the results will probably be different =D

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I'm EU as well!


My character currently travels around a lot and she is mostly either on La Noscea or in Ishgard.


At the moment things are a little quiet for As'elena and it's difficult to involve someone she's not going to get along with into any RP, but if you run into her there's always room to see where things will go.

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